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Can a gluten
free diet really help with weight loss?

Gluten free has become a bit of a trend, and you will find many people
talking about gluten free diet and weight loss plans. There
are blog posts about the best gluten free recipes guaranteed to help you
lose weight; however, there are articles that
say it won’t help you lose weight.
People on both sides are correct. While all of this may seem a little
confusing, it’s only because there is more than one way to adopt this lifestyle
and some of the “best
gluten free recipes
” really don’t qualify as recipes for weight loss. If you need or want
to go gluten free and still lose weight, here are the ways to make it work:

What type of gluten free diet does work?

Going gluten free, in its simplest form,
is the best way to lose weight. It is very simple – if it has gluten, you
cannot eat it. As long as you don’t try to substitute the item with another
carb-rich, gluten free food, you will be on your
way to a healthier diet and the extra pounds will definitely start falling off.
The reason this works is because most foods that have gluten also have a lot of
carbohydrates, such as bread, sweets and “junk” food. Foods that have good
carbohydrates, such as vegetables, brown rice and quinoa are naturally gluten
free and good for any diet. If you need to lose weight,
and want to do it on a gluten free plan, try to look at recipes,
ingredient lists, and typical claims of gluten
free food a little more critically.

Stay away
from this type of gluten free diet

The people who are right about gluten free diets not working for weight
loss usually refer to the diet plans that give too many gluten free substitutions.
Some people believe that simply going without gluten will help them lose weight
and don’t think about how these substitutions will affect their weight loss
goals. For example, you may read a blog post that promises to give you the best
gluten free recipes, and they all have some kind of high starch, gluten free substitute such as potato starch,
tapioca flour, etc. Note how much added starch and carbohydrates are in these
recipes simply due to the gluten free substitutions. They will make it possible
for you to have foods like bread, muffins and desserts, but because most gluten
free substitutes are very high in starch and carbs, these types of recipes will
work against your weight loss plans.

go natural

Remember the best plan to follow will always be a natural plan. Look for
foods that are already naturally gluten free, and try to stay away from, or at
least limit, the foods in your diet that contain high starch gluten free

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