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How do we stay motivated when we work so hard and the scale won’t budge? Or not as much as we think it should have? Or it’s not as fast as we would like?  I can’t tell you how many times a week I see and hear this issue from my clients. I have also experienced this feeling. What I try to teach is that your successes are not just based on a number on a scale. Yes, there is some reality about the scale weight; however, your health is based upon many other factors. The number on the scale is not the be all and end all! What if it’s that time of the month for females? For sure we know that we retain fluid around “that time” and that will make the scale not move down, and it could even go up. Or, what if we are not being quite as diligent as we should be with the little details of our eating plan? Is it because your body is holding muscle and burning fat? Muscle does weigh more. All of these things affect the scale, so get off the darn thing. Start to “listen” to your body. Be all in. Do what you need to do, and your body will listen. It might take some time, but it will move. Be honest with yourself, and be patient. Here are some non-scale victories that I tell my clients to look at when the number on the scale is being stubborn. 

Do you have good energy? Do you feel like you can do more and not get as sluggish? When we put bad food and too much sugar into our bodies we get a short- term burst of energy and then we crash. Or that false sense of get up and go from caffeine, then we come off of it and feel worse.  Eating a higher protein, lower fat and lower carb diet will give you beautiful energy from the inside out. 

How do your clothes fit?  I always advice the same thing: try on a pair of pants you have not been able to fit in once a week. Notice how they are fitting. Once you can put them on, zip them up and wear them, do you really care what that scale says?? Don’t let the number paralyze your efforts. If you only base your successes on the scale and not your clothes, you will fail and quit before you should have. 

Are your cravings under control or gone?  This is a big one. Once you get your body in balance and feed your cells, tissues and organs what they need, you automatically will not have the same cravings. It will amaze you. There is no way to see that on a scale. That is homeostasis happening in the body. What is more amazing is that your body will start to crave the good stuff, like vegetables. Remember it takes 21 days to change a habit. Stay in the game. It’s worth it. 

How is your sleeping habit?  One of the biggest comments I get from clients is how well they are sleeping. Maybe not more hours, per se, but resting better and waking up before the alarm clock. Sleeping is huge for your body to rest and repair. One of the best benefits of eating more healthy, and ridding your body of all the excess sugars, is the way you will sleep more soundly and wake up ready to take on another day.

Have you noticed your skin is better? Ridding your body of excess toxins and drinking more water will make your skin glow! That dull look gets replaced with wonderful skin, sometimes smoother, and less breakouts. This is a huge non-scale reward and benefit. 

Have you been able to get off some medications? Or reduce the doses? This one makes me the happiest as a health coach! When clients bring me their blood work that shows a huge reduction in cholesterol levels, or blood sugar levels etc.. and they tell me the doctor reduced their meds, really, what can be better than that?? So, who cares what that darn scale says! The number on the scale is a guideline for health, but getting off medications might be the biggest reward of all. Think about all the money you would save. How fun to be able to put that money towards something else. This is probably one of the biggest non- scale bonuses of all. 
Has your brain changed?  Are you happier? Do you have more focus? More clarity? Do you feel in control of yourself? Are you more confident? I find it most satisfying to hear my clients tell me how happy they feel from eating so much better. Their attitudes are more positive. This is another non-scale victory. 

These are just some of the non-scale victories for you to look at while you are on your journey. It is so much more important to feel better, and be happy and healthy from the inside out. So don’t get discouraged on your journey, even when the scale is being stubborn. You stay the course, regardless of THAT number. 


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