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We are all so super busy in our daily lives! We work, we are parents, we are “taxi’s” for our kids, we have friends and family, we have laundry, we have cleaning etc. Where in our day can we have time to cook and be healthy? It’s so much easier to pick up food, or buy ready to eat meals, or eat out! 
One of the worst habits we have created, in my opinion, is getting out of the kitchen because of “time”. And, unfortunately, that is causing many health related issues, including but not limited to obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and the metabolic syndrome. 
There are so many resources now for us to eat fast! However, those meals are not usually healthy and they cost a lot more money!  Most families have gotten away from eating around the dinner table due to everyone’s varying schedules. And, I GET THAT! I was one of those working mother’s too, way back when! But, I knew I needed to change my ways, as a formerly overweight mother of THREE girls! 
I started finding recipes that were “clean” and fast!! Also, I started food prepping on Sundays ( that was my best day). I would go to the grocery store, to the produce stand, and to the discount warehouses to stock up on my staples. Then, I would come home and start cleaning, cutting, and prepping about 2-3 meals for the week. I would plan at least one crockpot meal and one meal that my husband would grill! That would usually get me to Fridays! 
If you have a picky family, especially with vegetables, try to find ways to “hide” them into meals. It really works! I make a great Chili that I put tons of veggies in and everyone loves it! However, one of my family members hates zucchini and yet, I stick that into the chili, and not one word! So funny! 
It’s time to make a change, if you are unhappy with your weight, health, or you are worried about your family! THE TIME IS NOW!

What is one habit you can agree to change THIS week? 


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