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It is that time of year again! New Year. New You. New Health. 
But, what can you do different than the last couple of years? We all start off with the best intentions. The right attitude to make the changes we have been thinking about for months. We really mean it when we say out loud, “this year will be better and I will lose that weight I’ve been meaning to”! However, we fail to take he most important step; make the plan. 
The first step on your journey is to decide you want to change. That is half the battle, for sure, but then what happens? If you don’t have an action plan it may be doomed before it ever gets started.  The statistics say that most people have given up their resolutions by February! 
1) Make a goal you can achieve.
You may remember what you felt like when you weighed 140 pounds, but you have not seen that number since your wedding day, 20 years ago. It is best to make your goals in 5-10 pound increments. That way you keep your self-esteem up and won’t throw the towel in. 
2) You will probably screw up. It’s okay.
I tell my clients that they need to” zip it up, put a lid on it, and move on” if they have made a couple of choices during the week that put them back a bit. One or two selections off the plan does not determine the final outcome; unless you continue to make daily choices that will effect your results. It is what you do most of the time that matters. No shame allowed. 
3) Be committed and make a plan! 
Make a routine that you can live by. I know how busy my weeks are. Most of us know what to expect. Don’t pretend like you can figure it out or wing it. You and I know what happens when we do that. It becomes an epic fail. I make a commitment to go to the grocery store on Sunday and get most of my food prep done for the week. It is not hard. It’s just the discipline to get it done. But, come Monday, I am so happy that I did it. Plus, it is way cheaper if I have prepared my lunches and dinners.
4) Embrace the changes. 
Don’t be sad that you are making these changes. Be glad you are making the decision to make your body healthier. You are not being left out or punished if you decide to order the grilled chicken with the steamed vegetables while others are ordering the fried foods or whatever they are ordering.  You are treating yourself well, and you will be rewarded. Enjoy the company. 


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