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Hate going to the Dentist?

Well sorry, but you might not want to leave the house today because it’s National Dentist’s Day!

This day was created to show love and appreciation to those who keep our pearly whites in tip-top shape, bring awareness to the importance of oral health and as a little reminder to those who haven’t been to the dentist lately- call them and book your appointment now!

About 30 – 40 million North Americans don’t like or are scared of the dentist. But they are important for our health and we should be seeing them on the regular! We wouldn’t go years without seeing a Doctor and a Dentist shouldn’t be any different. They protect our gums from disease, prevent cavities from forming (or fix them if they happen), keep our teeth free of plague, reduce or eliminate tooth pain, ensure we have a pearly white smile and always have the best jokes!

Q: What does the Dentist of the Year receive?

A: A little plaque!

Thankfully, dentists always put an emphasis on showing children the importance of good oral hygiene. This sets them up at a young age to form healthy habits like brushing their teeth regularly, avoiding sugar to prevent the formation of cavities and daily flossing. If a healthy mouth is one less thing you need to worry about with your child, we’re in!

Here at LFLC believe that health starts with a nutritious diet. We put together the top foods to feed you and your family for healthy teeth!

  • Dairy Products – Yogurt and cheese contain high amounts of calcium and protein which are both essential for healthy tooth enamel. Bonus points for the probiotics found in yogurt because the good bacteria can balance out the bad bacteria in our mouths!
  • Leafy Greens – We know these are high in MANY vitamins and minerals but the important ones for teeth are folic acid to protect against gum disease and calcium to help build strong enamel. Try throwing some spinach in your smoothie or add some swiss chard to your favorite stew!
  • Collagen – This is a protein already found in the connective tissues of our bodies but supplementing with it can help build strong teeth. Throw a scoop in your morning coffee – you can’t even taste it!
  • Carrots – Raw to be exact! Chewing something crunchy helps your mouth produce saliva which in turn helps prevent cavities from forming. Add some to your favorite salad or dip some in your favorite dip!
  • Almonds – Another crunchy and high in calcium food to help protect our teeth. These make an easy snack to bring to work or school.
  • Water – Choose water over sugary juices or soda. Sugar is the fastest way to decaying teeth so water all the way!

All in all, don’t forget about the guys in the white coats today, send them some balloons, call them just to say thank you, book an appointment if you haven’t been in a while and never forget to floss!

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