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Let’s start by saying that we’re not your typical recipe site. Our recipes are designed with whole food nutrition in mind. Are you tired of eating foods that make you feel bloated? Do you agree with our philosophy that food can be your medicine? We hope so! You see, you are unique and, depending on where you are in you life’s journey, you have unique needs, too. That’s why our mission is to give you tools so that you can enjoy a unique meal plan that will support you, your mind and your body – no matter what diet you follow.

Your health journey starts here – exactly where you are and as you are. When you join the Low Fat Low Carb tribe, you’ll learn easy ways to start supporting your body and health so that you can find the best version of you. Weight loss is just a natural by-product of a healthy lifestyle and meal plan.

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What You Will Gain On This Journey


Meal Planner

Our meal planner helps you stay organized and consistent in the kitchen! No more need to worry about what to eat. With our delicious recipes and easy-to-use meal planning tool you will have a great variety of meals ready to go for your busy weeks and leisurely weekends. 


Grocery List

Do you like to have all of your grocery items listed in one place? Now you can! Our grocery lists can be customized to include your weekly shopping items. No more need for double lists. You’ll have all the ingredients to create delicious meals plus all of your everyday food items in one place. And, if you stick to your list, you’ll probably save money too!


Exclusive Recipes

Delicious and designed with powerful nutrients to boost your body, no matter where you are on your health journey. Everything from vegan to paleo to gluten-free, you’ll find what you need with our more than 400 recipes.

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Unique Portal

Everything you need to succeed can be found here. Your custom homepage will be filled with your favorite recipes, your saved articles, your top health categories, your quiz standings and even, a unique avatar. It really will feel like home.



Our extensive learning library of articles, quizzes and videos will give you the confidence you need to improve your health. Plus, our large online community is always there to share with and support your experiences.


Ask the expert

Ask the hard questions about diet trends or more simple questions like how to swap out ingredients. Our nutritional team is always on call for you.

Vision & Mission

At Low Fat Low Carb, we’re passionate about food and how it can heal your body. We love to make delicious, quick recipes that focus on core nutrients that will move you towards feeling awesome in body and mind. But most importantly, we’re not a trend.

Our mission is to help over 100,000 people by Spring 2019 to take charge of their life in the kitchen. We know how stressful food planning and prepping can be. That’s why we are always thinking about you and what you need to feel less stress and more enjoyment around food habits. We want you to feel free and light – to stop following trends and just be YOU – without pain, without extra weight, without moodiness or lack of energy. The real, beautiful you that we know you already are.

Learn The 3 Mistakes That People Make and How To Avoid Them

What We Bring to the Table

From delicious food and educational tools to expert advice and community support, we make sure you have everything you need to live a healthier lifestyle.

1. Food

We start with delicious recipes that are easy to make and filled with the nutrients you need to build a healthier body. Everything from breakfasts to snacks to vegan or paleo, our dishes are sure to compliment your lifestyle. From there, you can start planning your week, or even your month, to help you stay consistent in your goals and organized in your kitchen. With our customizable grocery lists, you’re sure to have all the tools you need for success.


2. Food for Thought

You can land on our site knowing that we’ve done our research and the information you’re reading is aimed to help you make the best decisions for you and your family. Learn from our in-house nutritionist on the relationship between the food you eat and the body you have. You can also learn new skills and relevant information through our blogs and videos. Feel like you know it all? Put yourself to the test and try out our quizzes!

3. Food for the Soul

We’re talking about community and connection (and a slight play on words). Get in touch with individuals going through the same journey as you! Our chat rooms let you express your thoughts and feelings while getting valuable support from people who know exactly what you’re talking about. Find a community of people who will rejoice with you on your successes and lift you up when you need it, making this an all-encompassing journey that will leave you feeling fulfilled in every possible way.

Expert Advice

Not certain that you’re getting all of the right nutrients? Want some quick tips on how to add more variety to your diet? Feeling frustrated? We’ve got your back.

We set you up so that you have a professional you can turn to, who is as dedicated and passionate about your new lifestyle as you are. Our nutritionist is here to answer all of your important questions.

Learn more about our in-house Lead Nutritionist:

Patricia Jean-Vezina is a French-Canadian registered holistic nutritionist that specializes in helping people lose weight through eating whole foods. During her 10 years in private practice, she has had the privilege of helping thousands of people lose weight and feel great. 

Since graduating, Patricia has gone on to become a certified holistic cancer practitioner, a registered yoga teacher, functional movement and personal training specialist and thai massage practitioner. This has only deepened her knowledge of anatomy and the psychospiritual connection as a holistic approach to overall health.

Now, let her expertise guide you onto this amazing journey with Low Fat Low Carb!

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What can Low Fat Low Carb do to help?

We recognize that life can often leave you feeling unbalanced. Maybe you’re carrying extra weight, your sleep sucks, you never feel rested and you seem to have less and less time to get everything done. Low Fat Low Carb is designed to simplify your challenges by adapting your nutrition to your ever changing needs. We do the heavy lifting for you. As a member, you’ll have access to a huge selection of recipes specifically designed with your health in mind. You can education yourself on various topics that will help you not only navigate in and around your kitchen, but will demystify the conflicting information so abundant online and from family and friends. You can visit our site with confidence that we have up-to-date articles and the information you are learning is well researched.

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