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Try These Delicious Foods Instead Of Your High-Carb Favorites

Generally, most low-carb meal plans will have you shopping for food around the perimeter of the grocery store—AKA only buying produce, meat, and eggs, and never venturing down any aisles where you might be tempted by cookies or chips.

But how do you handle a low-carb meal plan when you’re really craving starches or grains? Try replacing your guilty pleasures with healthier ones!

Eat Zucchini or Spaghetti Squash Instead of Pasta

Everyone loves a hearty bowl of pasta, but those grains are very high in carbs, which is no good on a low-carb meal plan.

Spaghetti squash looks like pasta when you cut it open; just scoop out the insides and cook them in a pan! For zucchini, you’ll need a kitchen tool to shave it into pasta-thin strips, but it works just as well.

Eat Sweet Potatoes Instead of Regular Potatoes

Unlike your standard potatoes, sweet potatoes ditch the starch and are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins. They’re a great addition to any low-carb meal plan, because they’re extremely satisfying and leave you feeling like you’re cheating on your diet when you’re not!

Eat Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt to Replace Dairy

Both of these foods (when you buy them at 0% fat content) are extremely high in protein and very low in fat.

Cottage cheese is a filling snack and pairs well with both sweet and savory flavors, so the possibilities for recipes are endless, and Greek yogurt is the perfect way to start your day when combined with a little fruit.

Eat Some Fruit, but Not All Fruit, and Not Too Often

Fruit is an excellent and healthier way to bypass sugar cravings on a low-carb meal plan. Eating strawberries and blackberries is practically like eating candy! Watermelon and grapefruit are good too.

The trick is that some fruits are high in vitamins and low in sugary calories, but some—like grapes, oranges, and bananas—are just too high in sugar. However, even good fruit should be limited.

There are lots of other ways to replace any not-so-healthy food with a healthier one; you can consult any local nutrition professional to get a better idea.

Low-carb meal plans don’t have to be bland or intimidating if you know exactly what you’re getting into, and how delicious it can be.

Leave a comment and let us know your favorite low-carb foods!

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