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I have been a health coach for about 9 years now, and a licensed massage therapist for almost 19 years. In both roles, I have listened to many clients talk to me about their health and weight issues. I have had my issues with weight on and off for all of my life. 
The one common denominator in all cases, including mine, is the ability to OWN your problems. Making excuses does not work. 
Yes, there are circumstances that arise. Sometimes it’s the funds are low. It may be the bad boss, or the stresses of life. It could be hormones are changing. Lifestyle might play a role; not getting enough sleep or skipping meals. It could be any or all of these concerns that play a role in your decisions. But, it is up to you to own the choices you make. Don’t pass blame. Take charge of you. 
When it comes to weight loss, you have to accept your situation, have an action plan in place, and stop making justifications for your selections. 
Ask yourself why are you making these choices? Why are you sabotaging yourself? What is the real reason you are eating the foods that make you feel bad? Why are you stuffing yourself? 
Once you own the answers, you can begin your journey and complete it! Pay attention to your self-talk. Your perspective will determine whether you believe you are in control of your life or if you are letting something or someone steer you and your thoughts. 
Stress levels also affect you more than you may realize. Practice some deep breathing techniques, take a hot bath, meditate, or journal your thoughts.  
When some of my clients come in and make comments like “ I had no choice” or “it wasn’t my fault”  or “ I couldn’t help it”, what I hear is someone who has not really made the commitment to make the lifestyle changes they are looking for.  They will fail. The diet or the program is not to blame.  
If you want this year to be different, take charge of you, and OWN it! You will become a winner and a “loser” of your weight. 


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