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Why Choose a Low Fat, Low Carb Diet Plan?

Following any diet plan can be difficult, especially if you really like to indulge in flavorful food and hearty meals. However, if you really do want to start eating healthier, a diet plan is a good start. (If the “d” word is a bad word in your house, then call it a menu instead.) Let it be known that tasty food doesn’t necessarily equate to unhealthy food. You can eat better and enjoy your meals, too!
There are so many different kinds of plans out there, how does anyone choose the one that is right for them? One good indicator is the amount of protein allowed in the plan. A low fat, low carb diet plan is one that allows you to eat more protein, which is the most satisfying food for your body. Protein helps you stay full, gives you energy and helps your metabolism. It is the key ingredient in a healthy diet.

It all starts with a good recipe

Foods that are high in protein have been growing in popularity lately and for many good reasons. Because of this, it is easier to find low carb, low fat recipes online and having a few of these recipes is a good start to making the right diet plan for you. Look for recipes that you know you will like for years to come making sure to include a good variety of flavors so you will not get bored with your meals. Boredom is dangerous to any diet plan; avoid it at all costs!

Not all Carbs are bad

Many people think that on a low carb plan, they should avoid carbs at all cost. However, there are some carbs that will work well with a low fat, low carb diet plan. The trick is to find carbs that are higher in fiber. Basically, you can subtract the amount of fiber grams per serving from the carb grams, because the fiber reduces the amount of carbs in that food. Another trick is to find carbs that also contain protein. For example, quinoa is a great choice of grains for this type of diet plan because it contains a good amount of fiber and protein. Chia seeds are another filling carb that are higher in fiber and protein.

Just because it has protein, doesn’t mean it’s healthy

Some of the more unhealthy foods have jumped on the protein diet bandwagon and are adding protein in an effort to appear healthier. When you are making your diet plan, be sure to select proteins from good sources. For example, lean ground turkey and low fat Greek yogurt are excellent choices. They are both low fat, low carb, high protein foods that will keep you satisfied longer.

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