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People often say that eating healthy is much more expensive that the “normal” western diet. I can agree that buying lots of fresh produce and meats can be a bit more costly than purchasing pre-packaged and frozen foods, especially if you are not alone and have groceries to buy for your whole family as well. Although this may be true, I prefer to see this as an investment to you and your family’s health. A healthier body and a more positive mindset are definitely worth the extra dollar. Don’t you agree? 
In the end, I think that we all need to stop asking ourselves why healthy food is so expensive and why junk food is so cheap.
Here are a few tips on how you can eat healthy without breaking the bank:

Buy produce that is in season, on sale or locally grown

Before heading to the supermarket, do your research. Check to see what fruits and vegetables are in season and take a look at your local flyers to see what is on sale this week. Now, base your meals on those ingredients. You can also buy “in-season” fruits and veggies in bulk. That way, you can make freezer pack for the “out-of-season” periods. 

Reduce your meat intake

Fresh meats can be very costly. By limiting your “meat” meals to 3-4 times per week, you could reduce your grocery bill by quite a few dollars. This doesn’t mean that you are cutting out the protein! You need to make sure that you still get sufficient protein nutrition from other sources. Legumes for example are high in protein and inexpensive. Start introducing vegetarian meals to your diet. They are less expensive, delicious and nutritious! 

Create weekly meal plans

Be organized! Set aside some time before going to the supermarket to plan out your week’s meals. That means breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks! Make a plan with a grocery list and stick to it. Oh, and don’t forget to eat before going to the grocery store so that you are not tempted to deviate! 

Keep your pantry and fridge organized

This is a great pointer since most of us don’t really keep our pantries and fridges organized. We simply dump the groceries wherever there is room and then forget what we have. Set aside some time to find a home each ingredient and group. The most important group is the perishable items. Make sure that they are front and center! That way, you will not forget about them! You can also search online for good tips and tricks on how you can preserve your fruits and veggies longer. 

How you do you maintain a healthy diet on a budget?

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