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2018 Is Your Year!

The New Year is your year. It is time to kick the poor eating habits and try some low carb meals. People often create resolutions where the goal revolves around kicking some sort of unhealthy habit or starting an effort toward a fitness goal they want to achieve.

If you’re looking for the perfect switch up to your current diet or eating routine, 2018 will offer the opportunity for change.

Most people lose that burst of energy, enthusiasm and focus they start the year with and revert back their same old ways. Don’t let that be you!

If you’re looking to drop some extra pounds in the new year, switching to low carb meals are going to offer you something that Weight Watchers or other similar programs cannot. Consistency in food choice.

Limiting your diet to predominantly lean proteins and vegetables, you are creating a scarcity of carbohydrates in your body. After a couple of weeks, your fat stores will start to decrease as your body requires the same amount of energy as before, but doesn’t get fed all those carbs!

Many people feel frightened by the change that comes with a “diet” and they see giant walls to overcome instead of small steps. It doesn’t have to be like that. Low carb meals are easy to get you started as the first step is simply eliminating added sugar from your routine.

Rather than guiding you through the process here, let’s just look at the 5 main reasons why low carb meals make for the perfect New Years’ resolution.

Benefits of Low Carb Meals

You’ll Eat Less Food Without Trying

Lower carb consumption usually means protein intake will be increased. This means a feeling of satiety comes with less food. Less food equals less calories which eventually leads to lower fat stores.

Another way that low carb meals reduce your total food consumption, is that limiting your carbs to just high-fiber foods means that your body can grab more of the nutrients that you’re consuming. Essentially, you’ll need less food to fulfil your body’s nutrient requirements because foods rich in soluble-fiber travel through the gut at a slower rate, giving more time for the nutrients to be absorbed.

Your Blood Sugar Levels Will Stabilize

Carbs, especially “quick-release carbs” or high-glycemic foods, cause spikes in your insulin production.

Your body does this to react to the intake of glucose created from the food. Unfortunately, when your blood sugar levels rise it causes your pancreas to start insulin production which removes the glucose from your blood and shuttles it into your cells around the body.

When your insulin has done its job, your blood sugar would usually regulate but in the case of a violent insulin release, your blood sugar will drop below normal ranges which causes the pancreas to then release glucagon in an attempt to metabolize glucose from your cells or recent food intake which reverts you back into an insulin spike¹.

The cycle continues consistently when your food is full of high-glycemic carbs.

When you switch to only consuming low carb meals, you’ll limit the insulin spikes which will lead to a much more stable blood sugar level throughout the day. Your risk of developing Type II diabetes will decrease dramatically!

All those slumps will disappear and you’ll have a more consistent energy level.

You May Lose Weight

Removing the majority of carbs from your diet will lead to weight loss, as long as you don’t replace every calorie with a different type.

Low carb meals can offer you a way to restrict the most volatile calories, reducing your carbs means you’re not taking in as much “useable” energy. This means your body will have to look to your fat stores for help during exercise or bouts of higher activity².


Your Blood Pressure Will Decrease

All the points leading to this one, so far, all help your body function in a more optimal way. When your body is functioning properly, other secondary changes – which are just as important – start to take place.

One of these amazing changes that come with weight loss and a more stable blood sugar level is a lower blood pressure!

Your heart gets stressed when it has to fight arterial plaque and on top of that, the weight loss you’ll experience means there will be less fat around your organs (we call this intra-abdominal fat). The fat around your organs hold on to the most toxins, chemicals and hormones that are released into the blood frequently which cause an elevated blood pressure.

So, it’s in your best interest to see that level come down!

Your Triglyceride Level Will Decrease

Your triglycerides are the fat molecules that float through your bloodstream. High fat stores will lead to a higher triglyceride level in the blood which in turn can increase your chances of developing heart disease. And we don’t want that, do we?!

Remember that we mentioned, switching to low carb meals instead of always eating carb rich foods (bagels and muffins), limits our body’s ability to store fat. Add that to the consistent reduction in your current fat stores means there will eventually be a positive effect on your triglycerides. Lowering your risk factors for heart disease.

As you can clearly see, low carb meals offer you a way to go from where you are now, to the healthy person you want to be in 2018.

If you’re stuck for ideas on how to get started, check out our low carb recipes so that you’re always prepared!




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