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I have followed many different weight loss diets throughout the last couple of years. Most of them worked like a charm! But, I always ended up gaining the weight back someway or another… 
Losing the weight was easy. There was a plan, I followed it and I got results – The End! Right? Not… Unfortunately I was wrong. It was so not over. None of the diets that I followed were a vaccine against weight gain and I should have never assumed that I could go back to how things use to be. I know now that the hardest part is really afterwards. It’s hard work to maintain a goal weight! But it is totally worth it! 
 If you are a former carby like me, then you know how easy it is to fall back into old habits. We are all human and it is completely normal to indulge every now and them. I like to give myself one cheat day a week. This seems to work for me but it does not mean that this is right for everyone. It is important to make your own “maintenance plan”. Here are few tips that I like to recommend:
  • Start by making small, achievable goals
  • Find out what gets you motivated and stick with it
  • Don’t think about what you are giving up – Remember you get to pick a cheat day where you can eat all the chocolate chip cookies you want! 
  • Learn to love your new habits – Consistency is key!
  • Look for an exercise that you enjoy doing and do it! 
  • Make planned meal deviations – plan ahead for indulgences when you can 
  • Be proud of yourself and all you have accomplished – You worked hard, you deserve it!
  • Keep setting yourself objectives – Maybe you want to go gluten free for a week or run a 5k marathon?
Now, live your life! Be happy and don’t stress or obsess over it. You got this!

What do you do to keep the weight off? Do you have a maintenance plan? 

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