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I don’t think I need to tell you how harmful processed foods are to your health. I know that you already know that but, for some reason, no matter how much you hear it, no matter how much you see it and no matter how much you feel it, you are probably still eating these nasty food like substances… Processed foods are highly addictive and have the potential of taking over every aspect of your body. Just like a drug, these foods can, and will, alter your mind, body and soul. Scary huh? Good! It’s time to make healthier food choices. Not only for your body’s well being but for your mental health as well.
Like I said, processed foods can be highly addictive. This is due to the overstimulation of dopamine in the body (the “pleasure” transmitter). The result of a dopamine overstimulation is constant food cravings and because processed foods can literally be found everywhere and anywhere your mind and body has a difficult time resisting the temptations. Did you know that most North Americans spend over 70% of their food budget on processed foods such as frozen dinners, canned goods, sugary snacks and fast food? That’s bananas! 
Let’s get something straight, processed food IS NOT FOOD and you know it. Real food will eventually rot and grow mold. These food wannabes will forever stay the same, regardless of age. This is thanks to the many phosphates found in their list of ingredients. Phosphates are food additives that make a product taste better, look better and last longer. This would be great, if it did not have such a negative impact on your body. Phosphates have been linked to rapid aging, weak bones, kidney dysfunction and organ deterioration.  Let’s not blame all the bad news on the phosphates though. Refined sugars, processed flours and vegetable oils are also the culprit for bad health. These brilliant ingredients can cause inflammation. In case you didn’t know, inflammation + processed foods = heart disease, dementia, respiratory failure and cancer. Yikes! 
The food industry doesn’t only like to stuff junk in your food but they also like to take the good stuff away. For some reason they feel the need to strip the natural fibers, enzymes, vitamins and other delicious nutrients from our foods and replace them with harsh chemicals, pesticide washes and warehouse fumigations. This process can seriously harm your body’s ecosystem! All these fancy lab-made and chemically induced ingredients are destroying the good bacterias that are found in your digestive system and therefore exposing the digestive tract to life threatening infections and permanent damage in the long run.
Processed foods are SIMPLY PURE GARBAGE! The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will feel fabulous! Don’t be cruel, fuel your body with what is deserves: Freshness!

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