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Tips and tricks to stick to your eating regime

So you’ve started a new low carb diet? You’ve created a meal
plan, have a few good low carb meals cued up to go over the week and you’re
feeling pretty strong. We offer a few tips and tricks to help you stick to the
plan in those moments when that chocolate chip cookie or bag of chips keeps
calling your name.

Get familiar with carb quantity

Once you’ve been low carb for some time, you will be able to
recognize high carb foods and avoid them with ease. But until then, it might be
useful to take some time creating or finding a guide that will show carb
amounts in various foods. This can be especially useful when eating out and
will help you make good decisions and stick to your low carb meal plan.

Be precise about what’s in or out

Different plans will tell you different things – some will tell
you to eat mainly high fat and protein, skipping grains altogether, while
others will tell you to keep it low fat with some whole grains. You can create
good low carb meals with either version. But some things run true with both.

Vegetables are a staple! Even though all vegetables contain
carbohydrates, many contain very little, and definitely less than fruit. Focus
on leafy greens and non-starchy (such as potatoes, corn, and squash) veggies.

Make protein a priority, too. With very little carbs and the
satiating power that meat brings, you will stay full longer.

One thing we can all agree on avoiding: processed foods! Stay
away from simple sugars, flours, and bad oils.

Stick to the basics

It might be worth investing in a guidebook or low carb meal
plan if it will aid you in staying on track. But the basis of all good low carb
meals is this: more protein and veggies, less starches and sugars.

You also don’t need to buy prepackaged low-carb foods. Keep it
fresh and as minimally processed as possible.

Don’t worry about getting hungry

If your diet had previously consisted of toast at breakfast,
wraps with lunch, and potatoes at dinner, you might begin to worry that you’ll
always be hungry with your new low carb meal plan that avoids all these things.
Let go of that fear. It’s all about eating better, not less! Make sure you have
adequate servings of protein at each meal and tons of veggies. Be prepared with
healthy snacks in case of emergencies. You will also notice that you don’t feel
hungry as often because your blood sugar will become better regulated. With
less carbohydrates and more good low carb meals, you will experience less blood
sugar spikes and falls, resulting in diminishing cravings.

Make water your friend

If you start to feel hungry, tired, or like you have a craving
that keeps nagging at you – try to have a drink of water first. You may be
thirsty rather than hungry. Carry a water bottle around with you, add slices of
lemon or fruit for some flavor.

Be prepared

Make sure you have your low carb meal plan foods on hand so
you’re never caught hungry and with only a loaf of bread in sight. Having lots
of protein options, vegetables, pickles, canned veggies, healthy oils, whole
grains, legumes, and fruits will keep you on the right track. Remember: if you
fail to plan, you plan to fail!


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