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We all lead busy lives filled with unexpected situations. Unfortunately, in a world that moves so fast, it is easy to get off track and forget about exercising. I get it! You`re one busy mama! Sadly, one week off can easily turn into a month… Yikes! Before you know it, you are on the cubby train headed towards an unhealthy and overweight body. No, no and no! You are not going to give up all that hard work. I know that it may be scary to get back into it after so long however, you need to get that motivation and drive back in check! ASAP!
Kick it in gear, regain that confidence and get back into your routine! Here’s how:

Don’t be your own bully…

You don’t have to be so hard on yourself! It is totally unnecessary. There is enough negativity in the world. Don’t be part of the problem. If there is one thing you can control, it is yourself. So stop beating yourself up about the past. Forgive and forget. So you jumped off the wagon for a bit… So what!?!? You can just as easily get back in there! You have done it before, and you will do it again! You got this!

Make a plan

Be organized and prep your workouts. It is the same as meal prepping. You know that you know how. So, do it! Plan for mishaps and days off so that there are no surprises. A good way to always be ready is by packing your gym bag the night before or even keeping a spare gym bag in the car. That way, there is no reason to skip out!

Take it easy

Don’t rush back into things. By doing so, you could possibly really hurt yourself. Your body is no longer accustomed to all that effort. First of all, make sure that you are warming up and cooling down properly. Start your workouts at a beginner’s pace and slowly work your way back up to the top. If you jump back into it too fast and too hard, you may tend to give up. Give it time, you will get back up there.
Start fresh! Find out what gets you moving out of bed in the morning and stick to it! Remember to keep it simple at first and start slowly so that you can build up your confidence, routine and abilities with time.

What keeps you motivated?



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