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By Alyssa St-Jean (
You metabolism is a tricky one…  It goes up, down, goes around and sometimes leaves you with an extra tire around your waist. Urgh! Although genes do have something to do with this, you are not bound to it! Just because mom and grandma said your are doomed to the family  “pooch” this does not mean than you have to let it happen… You can modify the way your metabolism functions so that you could lose weight faster, in a healthier and natural way! Put that baby to work so that you can reduce the time and effort during weight loss periods and so that you can maintain that gorgeous bod of yours! Here some simple ways to boost your metabolism today: 
Start the day off right
A healthy breakfast is the way to go. Begin your day with a complete and nutritious meal filled with protein, fiber and carbs. A good breakfast is really crucial to the body since you are breaking the nights fast! Get it Break-fast, breakfast?!? Clever, huh?  Your morning meal kicks your metabolism into gear allowing it to get to work promptly and correctly therefore, giving you energy for the day that lies ahead. 
Add lots of protein to your diet
Pack in that protein! Foods that are rich in protein are usually pretty loaded with fat and/or carbs. This is a good thing though because they are GOOD fats and GOOD carbs. By ingesting the right kinds of protein, your body will feel full longer and this is because your metabolism has to work overtime and burns fat while it’s doing it! Score! 
Diversify your workout intensities
On your next gym day, try introducing intervals to your training schedule. So, begin by doing your regular workout, and add in a couple segments of 30 seconds where you increase your intensity. By adding intervals to your workouts, your body will consume more energy and will therefore help your cells to hold more oxygen and will also strengthen them to facilitate the regeneration process. You will be burning calories all the home! Don’t forget to take a good break after your workout! The body needs to recuperate and reach a calm state of mind leaving you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 
Enjoy a warm cup of tea
We all know that green tea is known for its many antioxidant properties but I bet you that you didn’t know that it could help boost your metabolism as well! You see, green tea has the ability to facilitate fat oxidization and thermogenesis in the body therefore, allowing you to possibly lose weight faster! 
Avoid foods that contain trans fat 
Everybody knows that trans fats are bad for you but did you know that trans fats could also reduce the body’s ability to burn fat? I didn’t… Apparently, trans fats can change cells and therefore slow down your metabolism, create insulin resistance and give you inflammation. So, not only are trans fats are bad for you but they are also saboteurs! 
Need I say more?

There are many others ways that you can boost your metabolism as well. What are your favorite fat blasting tricks? Do you eat any foods that help your metabolism? What about a regular routine that works for you? 

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