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By Alyssa St-Jean (
Some say that adopting a healthier lifestyle means that you need to compromise on taste and get use to bland food. What?!? Who said that you must sacrifice flavor when it comes to eating REAL food? Nonsense! It is quite the contrary if you ask me. Following a nutritious diet filled with healthy foods is everything but boring! You have just got to add variety and not be afraid of new things. Of course if your idea of a healthy meal is a bowl of lettuce with some flaked tuna well yeah… That does sound pretty dull but if you jazz it up with some lemon, a few herbs, some in season veggies and a little olive oil now your getting somewhere. It’s all in the flavoring! Here are a few tips on how to add natural flavor to your meals:


Adding fresh herbs to your salads and meals is not only a great way to add flavor but it is also a great way to boost nutrition and add a bit of freshness. My favorites are parsley, coriander and basil. 


Don’t forget about the power of lemons and limes in your dishes. Pair it with whatever you like to add a burst of flavor. Try drizzling it on fish, chicken or even use it as a salad dressing.  


Good qualities infused oils are amazing! If you aren’t familiar with these, you are in for a treat! It has become my new cooking obsession! Kitchen stores who specialize in infused oils have hundreds of different kinds to choose from. Whether you like garlic, chili or pear, you name it, they will have just the right kind of oil for you! Infused oils are a great addition to any dish. Try it out yourself and taste the difference. 


Spices are another great way to flavor your foods. Have fun with them, experiment and discover which ones work for you. You can even try baking and grinding your own spices for extra flavor. Get the kids involved, they love helping out in the kitchen! 


Last but not least, it is important to have fresh produce! It makes all the difference. Instead of buying your fruits and veggies in bulk, buy what you need for the next couple of days and go back to get more throughout the week if needed. That way, you are not wasting and you are always getting the freshest produce possible. Even better, if possible, visit the local food market and buy locally grown produce! Homegrown veggies taste the best!
Eating REAL food can be a delicious as you want it to be. All it takes is a little creativity and imagination. Mix it up, try new things and always remember to add natural flavor! 

What do you use to add natural flavor to your dishes? 

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