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Why Your Current Snacks Are Hurting You

Searching for information on healthy snacks will leave you bombarded with opinions about which foods to have and why. Sometimes they’ll even tell you when to have them.

healthy snacks for you

If you’re anything like the rest of the population, you probably get information overload whenever you try to research anything and become too overwhelmed to make use of it all.

If you do a search for ideas and opinions on healthy snacks, you’ll find a ton of suggestions. The information you may be missing is, what not to eat for a snack. If you think you’ve got your snacks down and you need help with dinners and lunches, check out our post on Healthy Recipes.

We’re going to share three snacking tips with you first, before we give you our healthy snack suggestions, as it opens more doors for you to try new foods. This will prevent you from limiting yourself to only a few healthy options.

Snacking Tips

If you’re snacking in the morning, try to avoid anything with added sugar.
The sudden influx of high-glycemic food will cause a two-stage insulin response. This means your pancreas will seek to balance your blood sugar level after the insulin spike, which could leave you with feelings of lightheadedness, weakness and headaches.
You could also end up feeling more hungry than before your snack!
Do not over-consume protein close to your lunchtime.
Protein may leave you feeling too full to eat your lunch and this will affect your eating schedule, which can hurt your weight-loss or muscle-gaining goals.
Do not consume foods that are high in calories and low in nutrients. This one is important if you want to lose weight. Eating a bagel that’s around 250 calories, does not benefit your body.
If we take a peek at the nutritional label, you’ll see that the protein-to-carb ratio is low. Out of 48g of carbs, only 4g are from fiber – not good for your digestive tract! Any micronutrients such as vitamin A, B, C and D are zero or close to it. In fact, iron has the biggest percentage on the label and it’s only at 15% RDA (which are often underestimated).
So, ask yourself again: What benefit does this snack have to my body?
Portion out your snacks as they can very easily be overeaten, and you end up eating enough calories for an extra meal instead. To avoid this, don’t eat right out of the container, this is especially true for foods like crackers and hummus or nuts. Take out what you will be eating and then put it back in the fridge or pantry!


How Healthy Snacks Can Save You

You know that feeling you get around mid-morning on a Monday? You’re busy working hard, or maybe you’re not, and you feel a sudden tightness in your abdomen. You hear a rumble and you realize that you’re hungry. You take a quick look at the time on your computer and notice it’s only 11 am. “Wow. I don’t think I can wait until lunch to eat!”

It’s ok though, you can try one of the healthy snacks you’ve prepared just for this moment.

Well, you could have tried one of the recipes – had you read this article yesterday and prepared them for today.

Let’s make a deal.

From now on, you’ll be prepared for hunger-attacks and will know exactly how to deal with them. Here are the things you need to remember when creating healthy snacks:

  • Aim for micronutrients over macronutrients:

    • This means reading the nutritional label and deciding if it contains enough vitamins and minerals to make it worth eating. Why waste your calorie “budget” on foods that don’t offer your body anything except an insulin response.
  • Look for healthy carbohydrate options:

    • While the package of bread you purchased may say “nutritious” or claim “high in fiber” – that doesn’t mean it’s particularly nutritious. If you eat bread, look for sprouted bread in the bakery section of your local supermarket.
    • If you can help it, consume fruits instead of sweet treats like pastries and danishes.
  • Vegetables are your best friend:

    • Vegetables will be your go-to or staple food when planning your healthy snacks. They are low in calories and high in nutrients. Just remember to keep the range of vegetables that you’re eating varied in type, color and amounts.


The Healthiest Snacks For Your Kids

What Are The Benefits Of Packing Snacks For My Children?

Most of the time, kids don’t want to slow down long enough to eat. They much rather be running around with their friends playing tag or showing off their cool, new toy. Having some snacks readily available for your children will ensure their energy levels are as high as they should be for their age.

Speaking of age, children’s organs, bones and muscles are constantly growing meaning they need to be fed proper nutrients in order to promote healthy growth. Having healthy snacks on hand will help with this. Their stomachs are smaller than us adults and sometimes they can’t finish a full meal, this is where snacks come in handy as they are smaller in size and calorie – making them kid friendly!

Kids are like sponges and they learn from the environment around them. Packing snacks for them sets a good example of healthy eating habits that they can (and should) use for life!

Healthy Snack Ideas For School

Stick to whole, natural foods and avoid packaged products as much as possible. Fresh fruit like apples, oranges and grapes are great options and cut up veggies with cheese are also some kid-friendly favourites. Healthy homemade muffins or cookies that are only sweetened with natural sugars like honey or maple syrup make a great sweet treat while Greek Yogurt topped with fresh berries make a healthier version of a parfait!

The Best Kid-Friendly Snacks For The Road

If you’re taking your kids on a long road trip, you don’t want them hyped up on high sugar snacks with nowhere to burn it off but the back seat of your car. This will lead them to be moody and antsy… two things I’m sure you want to avoid!

Instead of high sugar fruits like bananas, feed them apples or berries and balance the energy spike even more by having some nuts or nut butter with it. You could even make a homemade trail mix with pumpkin seeds, almonds and some raisins!

Why Are Healthy Snacks So Hard To Find?

As we’ve talked about before, people love convenience. That’s why vending machines and gas stations are stocked with unhealthy, processed snack choices.

Fortunately for us and our children, schools are providing and even pushing for more healthy snack options. This saves us from worrying that they are sneaking unhealthy snacks while we aren’t looking!

Snack-Hacks For Kids

 To keep your kids interested in eating their healthy snacks, keep them fun, varied and creative! Colorful fruit is more appealing than a wrapped-up granola bar. Change up weekly what you are giving them as they tend to get bored easily. Try making fun shapes with the snacks you give them, so they can get excited about eating it!


The Healthiest Snacks To Bring To Work

 What Are The Benefits For Packing Snacks For Work?

 Do you know that feeling when you get home from work at 6:00 PM and eat everything in sight because the last time you ate was lunch at noon? We’ve all been there, this where bringing snacks to work will benefit you. When we go too long without eating, we get ravenous and will probably end up making poor food choices, overeat and that leads to unwanted weight gain. We all know the workplace can be an unhealthy place with donuts in the breakroom and cakes laying around for people’s birthdays. If you are bringing healthy snacks to work, you’ll be more likely to say no to those unhealthy treats while increasing your nutrient intake which is always beneficial for a healthy body inside and out!

Another great benefit is that it will keep you from spending money on vending machine snacks or food from the convenience store across the street. Who doesn’t love some extra dollars in their pockets?!

What Are The Best Snacks For A Physical Job?

If you have a labour-intensive job such as a construction worker or mechanic, you have different snack needs than someone who sits at a desk all day. You’re out-putting tons of energy all day and you need to fuel yourself with healthy snacks, so you don’t get burnt out and tired.

Choose complex carbs over simple carbs to give you a more balanced blood sugar spike to keep your energy levels steady. Adding some healthy fats and proteins will make it a macronutrient balanced snack to keep you fuller for longer too. Some good examples are homemade energy balls or bars (We included a recipe below!), an apple and nut butter or a homemade green smoothie.

What About Snacks For Those With Less Active Jobs?

If you are spending most of your work day sitting at a computer, you won’t need to get as much energy from your food as those we talked about above. You should bring some snacks that are higher in healthy fats and proteins with lower carbs. Eating an excess amount of carbs without the need to use the energy may lead your body to store it as fat.

Some great options are hard-boiled eggs, a small handful of nuts, some unsweetened Greek Yogurt or cut up raw veggies!

The Best Ways To Limit Unnecessary Snacking Habits

 Of course, we recommend eating if you are truly hungry, but if you are just eating because you are bored, that is not beneficial for your health. We put together a list of ways to stop that sneaky snacking habit!

  • Make sure the meals you are eating are full of fibre, healthy carbs, fat and protein to keep you full for a few hours.
  • Drink your water. We should know by now that water is necessary for an all-around healthy body, but did you know that your body can mistake thirst for hunger? Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres a day to keep that in check!
  • Don’t keep a full container of snacks on your desk. We all know someone who has a jar of candies, almonds or chocolate on their desk. This will make it more likely for you to grab a few handfuls when you aren’t even hungry. Out of sight, out of mind!

Snack-Hacks For Adults

 Just like the snack-hacks for kids, we have some for adults too! If you find yourself short on time during the week, take some time on Sunday to pre-portion and pack out your snacks for the week. This saves you from having to scramble around during the week!

Again, keep them varied to keep you from getting bored of your healthy snacks. Experiment with different ones and see what you like best!

To get you started, below are five healthy snacks that taste great and keep your wheels spinning and cogs turning until your next meal.

#1: Baked Cinnamon Rutabaga

We’re starting off with something sweet to kick-start our list of healthy snacks. This recipe will cater to your sweet-tooth without overwhelming your body with sugar. It has a healthy amount of Vitamin C and Potassium to keep your immune system strong and your muscular system functioning at an optimal level.

Rutabaga is one of the most overlooked vegetables due to its close resemblance to a large turnip! It’s a really simple recipe and you just need an hour to prepare, cook and split the rutabaga into several portions ready to eat.

Click here for the full recipe…


#2: Almond-Crusted Squash Wedges

These guys take only 45 minutes to prepare, cook and split into portions. A little less sweet than our previous healthy snack but still just as delicious!

Packed with Vitamin A, these will keep your bones and teeth healthy and help to maintain your vision and neurological function – which is super important!

Click here for this recipe…


#3: Summer Salad Rolls

These are a personal favorite as they’re quick to make and can give you a burst of various nutrients without making you feel full or bloated.

The beautiful thing about this recipe is that you can pick which vegetables to eat! Healthy snacks don’t need to be boring or cooked, but just 15 minutes is all you need to knock this one out of the park.

Click here for this recipe…

#4: No-Bake Peanut Butter Energy Bars

Is your go-to snack right now a protein or granola bar? It’s quick and easy, right? What if you could have all the speed and taste while on-the-go without the artificial flavors or colors?

Right here, we have the tastiest snack bar you can make. It’s made with healthy ingredients such as coconut flakes, oatmeal and chia seeds.

Click here for this recipe…


#5: Egg Muffins

If you’re looking for something that’s a little more protein-rich and low in carbs, as far as healthy snacks go, this recipe is your best-friend.

Prepared and cooked in 30 minutes, you can try it with or without cheese and you can even play around with the ingredients and add chicken and hot sauce to the mix.

Just remember that a serving size is just two or three muffins – these taste so good it’s easy to over-indulge!

Click here for this recipe…

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