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If you have been to any health cafe or restaurant in the past few years, you have probably seen a section on the menu called “Bowls” with a variety of food items underneath. But if you aren’t familiar with what we’re talking about, it may just seem like they are talking about a serving utensil. In hindsight, those kinds of menu items are usually served in bowls, but they are talking about a certain recipe. You may have also seen these recipes called “macro bowls.” This is because they normally contain a food from each macronutrient group (carbs, proteins and fat) making it an almost perfectly balanced meal to feed you and your family.

What Are Bowl Recipes?

Bowl recipes probably became so popular because they are quick, easy and healthy. It pretty much means throwing a variety of foods into a bowl, topping it with a healthy sauce or dressing and calling it a day. They are fun to eat because who doesn’t love eating a meal out of a large bowl? Plus, there is less mess and who doesn’t need that in their lives?!

Bowl recipes are also great to incorporate more healthy foods into your diet. They usually are a perfectly balanced meal with enough carbs, protein and fat to fuel you through the day or night. If the thought of eating leafy greens and vegetable disgusts you, then top it with some lean protein, a healthy carb and load it with homemade dressing. We promise you won’t even notice the veggies!

Another great bonus of a bowl is that you can make a few at once, store them in Tupperware containers and you have your work lunches ready for the week! We also love to take a few hours on a Sunday and batch cook some lean protein, healthy carbs and chop some veggies to make throwing a bowl together easier and quicker during the busy week.

The Basics Of Bowl Recipes

Making a healthy macro bowl doesn’t need to be complicated! Take 1 -2 items from each category below, throw it in a large bowl and enjoy the easy and healthy meal.


Leafy greens are essential for a healthy body and mind. Throw a handful as a base to your bowl and reap all the benefits from the vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes.

  • spinach
  • kale
  • arugula
  • romaine lettuce
  • boston lettuce
  • iceberg lettuce

Complex Carbohydrates

Next up, it’s time for your healthy carb source. It is important to choose a complex carb because it is higher in nutrient content and provides fiber to keep you full and with a healthy digestive tract.

  • brown rice
  • squash
  • quinoa
  • sweet potato
  • buckwheat
  • millet

Lean Protein

It wouldn’t be a meal without a source of lean protein! Protein is important to build muscle and keep you fuller for longer.

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • fish
  • salmon
  • lean beef
  • lean pork
  • eggs
  • tuna

Don’t worry vegans or vegetarians, the plant-based proteins you can include are:

  • beans
  • lentils
  • tofu
  • tempeh
  • homemade veggie burgers

Healthy Fats

Not all fats are created equal! Healthy fat is essential for hormone health, joint lubrication, cell membrane structure, keeping us fuller for longer and promoting healthy looking skin and hair!

  • avocado
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • tahini
  • olive oil
  • avocado oil
  • olives


Here is where you can add all of your favorite vegetables. They can be cooked to release flavors or raw to get tons of enzymes!

  • cucumber
  • peppers
  • tomatoes
  • mushrooms
  • zucchini
  • broccoli
  • cauliflower

LFLC Bowl Recipes

If you’d rather follow an exact recipe for bowls, we included some LFLC recipes that are already bowls, or we give you the step-by-step to turn them into one!

Click the titles to access the full recipe page for each dish, but don’t forget to read the description first for instructions on making it bowl-friendly…

Chicken Squash Salad

This is called a salad, but if it’s in a bowl and loaded with healthy food it is pretty much a bowl recipe! Squash is packed with magnesium, antioxidants and iron so you can sleep soundly knowing you and your family are consuming nutrients.


Veggie Haddock Bowl

One of our newer recipes for LFLC, this haddock veggie bowl is the perfect thing to prep for your work lunches! Add a handful of greens and some brown rice and you have something from every category we mentioned above!


Steak & Zucchini Stir-Fry

Follow this recipe for a steak and vegetable stir fry and turn it into a bowl! All you need to do is throw it on top of spinach, quinoa and drizzle some sesame oil on it for a healthy fat and dressing. Trust us, you’ll love this one!


Mexican Steak Taco

Feeling like a Mexican bowl for dinner tonight? Follow this steak recipe and instead of serving everything in a taco shell, add it to a bowl with romaine lettuce, brown rice and top with avocado. This will quickly become a family favorite!


Low-Carb Cheeseburger

Bet you didn’t think you would turn a burger recipe into a healthy macro bowl! Try chopping up the lettuce bun and burger and throwing it into a bowl. Top with some fresh tomatoes, chopped pickles and dress in a homemade salad dressing. This will totally satisfy your burger cravings!


Roasted Rhubarb Salad

Turn this healthy side-dish salad into a bowl by adding some cooked millet and fish. This is a sneaky way to get your kids to eat more veggies because they will be so focused on the healthy carbs and protein!


Bowl Dos And Don’ts

We love that bowl recipes are so easy to prepare, but we have a few tips to avoid so you can make them perfect!

Ensure the bowl you are using is big enough to include all the food and give you room to mix well! There is nothing worse than using a bowl that is too small and having ingredients flow over the edge.

Do experiment with the ingredients you use. You would be surprised at what kind of new foods you actually enjoy eating.

If you are following a certain “theme”, then stick to it! For example, don’t mix spicy Mexican inspired ingredients with some strong-flavored Thai spices as it might be too overpowering to the taste buds.

Vary the type of ingredients you use. People love a routine and making bowls can be addicting because it is so easy. But make sure you don’t use the same foods every day to ensure you get a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.

Do not turn a healthy bowl, into a bowl of sugar by using an unhealthy dressing! We love making our own because we know exactly what goes into it. If you do buy store bought, be sure to read the ingredients to make sure no refined sugars and additives are in there. If all else fails, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, spices and a drizzle of a healthy oil such as olive or avocado can get the job done!

Happy cooking!

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