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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (

I have had a “bad metabolism” my whole life! That is what I believe; however, I also know that I have created some bad habits along the way to add to that issue. As a health coach for over 10 years, I can absolutely see certain habits of my clients that lead to sluggish weight loss.

  • SKIPPING BREAKFAST. This is one habit that you must work on. Even if you drink a protein shake, or have one hard boiled egg, jump starting your metabolism is a huge factor in wellness, and weight loss.
  • DEHYDRATION.  So important to drink enough water. Experts recommend 8 glasses per day. That is really a minimum. But not drinking any, and many people fall into this super bad habit, is really detrimental to your body. Need water to help your body flush toxins, for healthy bathroom habits, skin health, joint health, better weight loss, and so many other systems of the body. Drink your water.
  • TOO MUCH CAFFEINE. Caffeine is okay in moderation, but too much leads to dehydration, and can slow your weight loss efforts.
  • EATING HEAVY LATE AT NIGHT. Many of us have long days and get home after 7pm. But, eating your biggest meal after 8pm is not a good habit for wellness or weight loss. Hard to digest heavy foods late and night and will for sure make weight loss more difficult. If you know your schedule, choose to eat your heavier meals during the day, and eat light at night.
  • NOT MOVING AT ALL. This does not mean you need to be in the gym everyday, but moving your body is a good habit. Maybe some stretching, or yoga movements for weight loss, or just a light walk after dinner or in the morning to get your body in motion.
  • YOU DON’T EAT ENOUGH PROTEIN. So many clients come into the clinic and we analyze their daily habits, only to find out that they start their day with carbohydrates, end their day with carbohydrates, and every meal in between has more carbs, and very little protein. Make sure you are getting your proteins in, especially in the morning to start your day. Protein fills you up, and feeds every cell, tissue and organ in your body. Experts agree that eating at least ½ your ideal weight in grams of protein per day is a good number to shoot for.
  • YOU DON’T SLEEP ENOUGH. This is one of my worst habits from the past that I think plays a big role in a sluggish metabolism. Many experts have researched the relationship between weight and sleep; they agree that if you don’t sleep enough you will have a harder time losing weight. This is habit that requires awareness and work. You might have to force yourself to bed no matter what is going on. Start with just 15 minutes earlier than normal.
  • YOU SKIP MEALS OR GO TOO LONG WITHOUT EATING. This habit is so bad on many levels. I am guilty of this one if I don’t have food with me, or I don’t set an alarm to eat something every 4 hours. I have had to make a conscientious decision to bring a lunch with me, and some easy to grab protein snacks, on top of setting my phone alarm to remind me to stop and eat something (and drink some water). Skipping meals or going to long has been shown to really slow down weight loss.

These are some of the habits that I have learned make the difference between a one-pound weight loss week and a 2-3 pound week. If you are wondering why your weight loss has slowed down, check and see how many of the above habits you are guilty of!

What are your worst habits?

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