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You don’t have to feel deprived or blow your diet even when there are so many occasions in May, June and July! 
This time of year there are many gatherings and events. So how do you get though Memorial Day and the 4th of July? What about all the grad parties and weddings??! It can be overwhelming to deal with all of these important events and still stay true to your weight loss and health goals!  
The first thing to do is get the proper mindset. You know these stumbling blocks are there, so you must plan for them. If you prepare yourself, then these parties can be just as enjoyable for you without sabotaging your diet. 
Here are some examples of what you can do: 
Let`s say you DO get some say-so as to what`s on the menu, or better yet, you`re hosting the meal. Well, that opens all sorts of possibilities, doesn`t it? Salads, allowable veggies, the possibilities are endless. And don`t think you can`t have good stuff. Grilled asparagus, portabella mushrooms sautéed or grilled. Grilled or sautéed sliced zucchini squash! Rutabaga or turnip fries work to replace the traditional french fry; burgers without buns is not hard! Use mustard instead of ketchup. 
Don`t skip breakfast on the day of your big meal. Eat your normal breakfast, whatever it might be. Also, don`t skip your evening snack. Control what you can. 
If you get invited to a home, offer to bring a vegetable tray and some other ‘clean’ protein and snack foods you can eat. 
Weddings and grad parties are harder, but not impossible. I usually teach people to ask what might be on the menu prior to the event, if it’s appropriate. If not, I will eat before I go.  I travel with my dressing and have a snack in my purse in case I get too hungry before the food is being served, or as a snack for later if the party goes longer than I expected. 
Office parties or work events are often hard to skip, but again all you need to do is plan ahead. If your party is being held at a restaurant, it is certainly acceptable to ask for an alternative selection. Most restaurants these days are prepared to be accommodating. Don`t be self-conscious about asking. Remember; baked or broiled lean protein (fish, shrimp, scallops, chicken, lean pork or beef), green salad and non-starchy veggies. Avoid cheeses, gravies, sauces, sweets and alcohol.  If there are office snacks around all the time, bring some celery sticks, or slice some cucumbers in one of those disposable bowls or even a zip-lock bag. It isn`t going to be sweet, but it`ll be crunchy and sometimes that`s all you need. Or bring your own ‘legal’ sweet treat, like a protein bar. 
Alcohol can be a hard one, but this is a big NO.. You might tell yourself just one won’t hurt.  But it will cause that insulin to spike and you will set yourself back.  Here are some suggestions.  It will look like you are having a mixed drink so no-one will give you grief about why are you not drinking?
Have some flavored seltzer waters or club soda. Add a lemon or lime- looks like a Vodka and Tonic. Sorry no tonic water allowed, it has tons of carbohydrates.  I like to put mine in a wine glass sometimes to fake my brain out! 
Is it easy?? No, it isn`t easy; at least, not at first. But you didn`t sign up for easy did you? No, you signed up to lose weight and get healthier. You really need to look at this over the long run, not just for one meal, or one event. As you progress, it will become easier and easier. Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin, and healthy feels! 
If you do slip up during an event, DO NOT waste time beating yourself up and thinking that you just can`t do it. Get back on your plan ASAP; If you have a health coach, or an accountability partner talk to that person. They are not going to belittle you for slipping up. Your coach or person is going to encourage you, and tell you exactly what you need to do to get back on track. This is not an all or none journey. The body will forgive you if you jump right back on! 


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