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Paleo Diets Have A Lot In Common With Low-Fat, Low-Carb Diets – So Give It A Try!

You already know that a paleo diet means eating only natural foods, and you know that a low-fat, low carb diet involves giving up foods rich in fats and sugars. Since both these diet plans rest their laurels on eating unprocessed foods that are high in nutrients, they are ideal teammates for working together in an all-around healthy low-fat diet plan. More importantly, they complement a permanent lifestyle change for the better.

Prepare And Plan Ahead

In both low-fat, low-carb diets and paleo diets, you’re left without easy-to-grab snack foods and the convenience of packaged meals. While this means you’re also left without all the preservatives and fat used in those types of foods, nobody wants to end up hungry with nothing ready to eat. Most low-fat, low-carb diet plans already recommend preparing meals ahead of time so you always have something healthy ready to eat, and a paleo diet is no different.

Rely On Foods That Fuel

Many people might think they always have to be hungry while following low-fat diet plans because they can’t have as many carbs, and carbs are what make you think you feel full. Since the paleo diet also forbids starches, grains and dairy, you might think the same thing. But it’s not true at all! Paleo and lowfat, low-carb diets simply want you to feel full by eating the right kinds of foods, the kinds that are processed efficiently by your body and will keep you full for longer. Protein and vegetables make you feel even more full, and balance your blood sugars.

Keep The Commitment

Low-fat, low-carb diet plans are usually made with a set amount of time in mind. While reaching your goal weight, for example, is something to be proud of, maintenance is the true key to any diet. Since a paleo diet encourages a lifestyle change that will not only keep the weight off but also reprogram the way you think about food, it can be a more meaningful change to your eating habits than a simple onetime low-fat diet plan.

In the end, going paleo really just means liberating your body of all the harmful fats, sugars and salts we ingest by eating processed foods. So next time you’re tempted to try a new low-fat, low-carb diet, maybe give paleo a try. If you think you’re ready to let go and move to a natural-only food selection, then you can easily make that low-fat diet plan a healthy paleo diet.