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It is hard to make the decision to lose weight. Can be extremely overwhelming, especially if the number is a large one!  I have found that taking the first step is the most difficult, but once you have a plan and a goal you can get started.  Just put one foot in front of the other. Don’t look at the big mountain, one baby step at a time.  And, most importantly, don’t let your negative thoughts and feelings side track you. Dig deep to get through each day! 
If you start with a short-term weight loss goal,and keep it small ( say 10 pound increments), it won’t seem as unachievable and stifling. And, write down those goals where you can see them everyday. 
Engaging your family and friends in your journey is also important. Let the people around you know what your plans are so they can help you stay on track and support you. 
A trick that I have learned regarding losing weight starts with the grocery store and your food choices. Creating a weekly plan, making a grocery list of items based on your plan, and sticking to the list will save you time and frustration. 
An often overlooked, but common mistake, is buying “junk food”. If you are truly serious about getting this weight off once and for all, you don’t have to buy the junk, and you should do everything you can to remove those food items from your home; the less distractions, the better. This is the only way to avoid the temptations. 
Remember, choosing to make the necessary lifestyle changes does NOT mean that you have to forever banish you favorite fun foods.  One big mistake is not allowing yourself to “ever” eat bad. That is too unrealistic.  Dwelling on the past, or having negative thoughts will only make your weight loss goals slow down and then that could lead to throwing the towel in. Don’t do it! Just allow yourself your favorite foods one time per week and then move on. 
It is hard to imagine ourselves as our “smaller” selves, but,the time is going to go by whether we want it to or now. It was just January, now it is already February! Time does not stand still. Yes, it is a sacrifice, but it is short term.  


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