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I have been on my weight loss and wellness journey for many years. And, on this quest to maintain a good and healthy weight, I sometimes find it exhausting! Do you ever feel like you are on a road to nowhere? That no matter what diet “rules” you follow, your body is NOT listening?? Regardless of how much you attempt to stick to the guidelines that have been set, your body retaliates? 
When this happens to me, and it does about twice a year, I just dig really deep and remember the “hormone” rules that I have been taught about insulin’s role in the body, and then get in the kitchen and start cooking! You can control the excess secretion of insulin, which is the fat storing hormone, with food. 
I know for some of you, the kitchen is not your place. Not your comfort zone. But, it is one of the reasons that has been created; to make the kitchen fun, easy and healthy.  Just seek a few new ideas, and watch your body kick into gear. This site has been designed to help the average, to below average cook make recipes that will keep them on their mission and more importantly, control your insulin secretion. 
For me, I make sure I don’t get bored. I use many flavors, spices, and textures. It is easy to make food “fun” if you try just a little. That is the most rewarding part of my job as a health coach; watching dieters find a way to make food taste good and get cooking! 
My challenge for you this week Is to pick one new vegetable and one new “spice” or “herb” to add to your meals. Enjoy it with pleasure. Do not feel like your choices are a punishment, they are actually a reward for better health, and wellness.  Don’t you have some “jeans” you want to fit in? Bathing suit season will be here before you know it. What you are really doing is creating a “life” habit, and that will serve you well on your maintenance plan. That is the hardest part of any weight loss program; keeping it off. 
So, get cooking! With a smile! And, a good attitude! 


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