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    Gareth T.

    Curious what everyone’s favorite Kitchen Hack is?

    Here’s a few of mine:

    – A good way of getting rid of the smell that sometimes seeps into your pots and pans is to leftover lemon rinds and rub them into the dirty pans. Works particularly well on smelly foods like fish.

    – Need to get dry brown sugar moist again? Microwave it alongside a small glass of water.

    – Ever had a small grease fire break out? Ideally, you have a fire extinguisher nearby, but if you don’t, throw some baking soda on it can be effective.

    – Want fancy pretty SUPER CLEAR ice cubes? Simply freeze water that has been boiled.

    Get a cast iron skillet – they can achieve much higher temperatures than standard non-stick pans which is ideal for searing meats.

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    Lisa S.

    Here’s a few I’ve used:

    – Adding a bit of water to your pan when frying bacon will reduce the oil / fat from splattering too much.
    – Tired of having your water boil over? Stick a wooden spoon across the top, it will prevent this from happening. It’s like magic!
    – De-crystalize honey – place it in a container in a bowl of hot water for 5 to 10 minutes.

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