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    Patricia W.

    ok guys, on the real, my kitchen is really small so my kitchen always gets really smelly after cooking anything, and then it ends up stinking up the house.
    anybody got some hacks on how to make my kitchen stop smelling so bad?
    i’m dying


    Amy S.

    Here’s a few things to try:

    – Run a full pot or kettle of boiling water down your kitchen drain. Often times you’ll find the smell is actually coming from your drain.
    – Citrus rinds … same thing, thrown them down your drain, and flip on the garburator.
    – If you have a vent above your stove, make sure you’re running it the entire time you’re cooking.
    – Make some coffee, that is if you like the smell of coffee. It can easily overpower other smells lingering in your kitchen.


    Amy S.

    just use bleach more often when you clean your kitchen, and make sure to wipe down the stove area and the counters after every meal. Maybe its your fridge, every time you open it up to take something out before cooking.

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