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    Kim S.

    I need direction help

    I started low carb 2 years ago due to pre diabetic I got that under control and have been a little off track this year and now diagnosed with cardio artery disease.  My dr said low fat diet but I am thinking I can still do the low carb but getting confused because low carb is high fat.

    So I have been doing 30 g carb but what do I need to stay in the range with the low fat.  Are you able to help me with this?  Do you have a tracker




    Amanda (LFLC) .

    Good afternoon Kim,

    Thank you for contacting LFLC.

    Low carb does not necessarily mean low fat, however, it isn’t usually recommended to eat low in both macronutrients. Your body needs to use either carbs or fat as energy and if it doesn’t have either, it can start burning your muscle for energy (which is not recommended).

    Some people who are low fat, eat less then 30% of their total calories from fat. Unfortunately, we do not have a tracker to determine your grams of fat.

    When it comes to treating disease, it is always recommend to follow your doctors orders.

    Thank you


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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