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Thanks for your inquiry.  Without a full health history, it’s tough to give concrete advice that will actually provide relief.  I can, however, guide you towards more info that may help.

RE: cholesterol, have you read our articles?

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One of the easiest ways to support your body when it comes to cholesterol levels is to have regular bowel movements.  For this, you need lots of water, fiber and movement.  Walking every day, drinking half of your body weight in ounces and eating 5-6 servings of vegetables.  If veggies are too much of a challenge for your digestion, you can eat some seeds and nuts.

Bloating is a sign of indigestion.  You have a couple of options.  You can take digestive enzymes to help you and I would recommend a high quality probiotic supplement.  Google “elimination diet” and see if this is something you could try for 28 days.  This will help you identify any possible food sensitivities.

Hope this helps!

Patricia, RHN


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