Patricia J.

Hi Dale,

I’m Patricia – Nutritionist at LFLC.

Thanks for your question.  Alcohol is a question that I receive a lot during my consultations with clients.  Of course, many people like to enjoy a drink or two on the weekend or after work.  Here’s what I recommend: treat alcohol like you would any other carb.  If you are trying to follow a low-carb diet as an attempt to lose weight, and you’re keeping your carb count to 30 or 50g daily, then how will your alcohol fit into that “budget”.

For example:

A 5oz glass of wine = approx. 4g of carbs

A small can of regular beer = approx. 13g of carbs

An ounce of alcohol has a negligible amount of carbs if you keep your “mixer” low calorie.

As always, we recommend that you don’t “drink” your calories and focus on eating real food.

Let me know if you have further questions!