Patricia J.

Hi Bernadette,

I’m Patricia – Nutritionist at LFLC.

Breakfast is so important when you’re on the journey towards optimal health.  We have many breakfast recipes on our site.  I’ve copied some below.

Perhaps it would help to think of breakfast as just another regular meal.  There’s nothing wrong with having a chicken stirfry for breakfast… in fact, having veggies at every meal and snack is a great way to get healthier.

Have you tried smoothies?  If you like them, you can have them in a bowl with various toppings to add variety to your morning meal.

Let us know what you try and if you have other questions!  We’re with you on your journey to LowFat LowCarb.






You can find many more recipes on our website by selecting “breakfast” as a meal type.

Happy Cooking!

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