Patricia J.


I’m Patricia – Nutritionist at LFLC.

Thanks for your questions.  Of course, there is not one solution for everybody.  A lot depends on your current health, your goals and your body type.  Generally speaking, low carbs and high protein are more conducive to weight loss.  Some people try a more ketogenic approach (high fat, moderate protein and low carbs) and although there is much success, we feel that is not sustainable long term.

The best solution is to focus on whole and natural foods.  Fill your plate up with LOTS of veggies, limit your fruit to one or two per day and have a protein at every meal and snack.  If you choose to have grains, make sure they are whole grains, eaten earlier in the day and limit them to one (max 2 if you are exercising) per day.  Another tip – don’t drink your calories.  Aim to drink a lot of clean water daily and spend your calories on healthy food choice.

Let me know if you have any more questions!