Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Low Fat Low Carb?

Low Fat Low Carb is the name of our brand. We do not promote any one diet.

Instead, we pride ourselves on being able to offer what we call Foundation Recipes that you can use as the base for your meals – no matter what diet you’re on or eating-style you follow!

Want to add a little quinoa to the recipe? Go ahead! Want to add a serving of brown rice? Why not! Or maybe you’re just going to add some avocado to increase your fat intake…

As long as it fits in with your goals, you can make it happen.

How Do I Use This Website?

We have so many sections of the site for you to take advantage of!

First of all, you may want to become a member. That will give you access to ALL the tools and pages on the site. Don’t worry, becoming a member is completely FREE!

If you’re primarily looking for recipes you can hover the mouse over the Recipes menu tab, and then select which category suits you the most.

If you don’t follow any type of diet, and you’re just looking to stay healthy – you can click the Recipe tab and you’ll be taken to a page displaying all of our recipes.

Meal Planner: If you’re really dedicated to eating healthy and staying consistent try our Meal Planner. You can choose the recipes you want to prepare in advance, and schedule them on the days that make the most sense.

For example, your Son has football practise at 7pm, coming home from work and having to figure out what’s for dinner is the last thing you want to do. Save yourself some time during the week by scheduling your meals in advance and know exactly what’s for dinner for the entire week – or even the entire month!

Tips & Tricks: Perhaps you’re fairly new to the kitchen and you’re not sure how to prepare dishes properly. That’s ok, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Not only do the pages for each specific recipe have a video that shows you the cooking process, but you can check out our Tips & Tricks section to watch videos that teach you everything from cutting a bell pepper correctly, all the way to dying your eggs different colors!

Blog: Are you looking to educate yourself and try to understand healthy eating a little more? In our Blog section, you can find articles ranging from cooking advice for different types of foods to nutritional information to better arm you in the fight against poor health!

Community Forums: Maybe you’ve experienced what it’s like to have Celiac disease or cardiovascular disease, maybe you’ve already got your nutrition down and it’s helped you live a healthier life. If that’s the case, then perhaps you’d like to share your story, your experiences and the lessons you learned with others – to inspire and encourage them to continue on their journey.

How Do I Schedule Meals in the Meal Planner?

  1.     Click on ‘Meal Planner’ tab on the top navigation
  2.     Choose a Recipe Category – e.g. “Low-Carbs”
  3.     Scroll down and begin browsing the LFLC recipe selection.
    1.     If you wish to, you can expand the selection by clicking the View More Recipes button at the bottom of the screen.
  4.     Select the recipe you wish to add to your personal calendar by clicking the image
  5.     Once the calendar pop-up appears;
    1.     Select the date you want to schedule the recipe for. Click the square.
    2.     Use the drop-down menu to choose when you wish to schedule the recipe on that day; Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner.
    3.     Click Submit.
  6.     The recipe can be found scheduled in your calendar.

How Do I View My Calendar?

You can view your calendar by one of two ways;

  1.     Click the Meal Planner tab on the top navigation & scroll down.
  2.     Hover your mouse over the Meal Planner tab in the top navigation & you’ll see a sub-menu called “My Calendar” – Click it to see your calendar in a separate page.

How Do I Remove a Scheduled Recipe?

If you wish to remove a recipe from your calendar;

  1.     Go to your Calendar via the My Calendar or Meal Planner sections
  2.     Click the recipe you want to remove.
  3.     When the pop-up appears, click the button that says “Remove from Calendar”


How Do I Email Myself the Grocery List from the Meal Planner?

With your scheduled recipe in place;

  1.     Go to your calendar via the Meal Planner or My Calendar menus.
  2.     Find the Recipe you want the grocery list for and click it.
  3.     The pop-up that appears will display a summary of that recipe, click View Recipe
  4.     On the individual page for that recipe, beneath the description, you’ll see a group of buttons.
  5.     Click the button that says “Email Grocery List”

How Do I Print a Grocery List?

To print a grocery list for a recipe in your calendar;

  1.     Go to your calendar
  2.     Click the recipe you wish to print the recipe for
  3.     When the pop-up appears, click the button labelled “Print/Download PDF Recipe”

To print a grocery list for a recipe from anywhere else on LFLC;

  1.     Click the image or link to the recipe you wish to print the details of
  2.     On the next page, below the description, you’ll find a button that says “Print Recipe”
  3.     Click that button and the prompt for printer selection should appear!

The Recipe I Tried Didn't Work Out. What Went Wrong?

When cooking meals, there are many factors involved, so it’s common to have some issues when you’re first trying recipes.

Don’t get discouraged, though!

Taking the path to a healthier lifestyle is a journey and coming across obstacles is just a part of that. Have fun, even if things didn’t work out this time, try again and just like anything else – practise will improve the outcome!

Don’t be afraid to switch the recipe up a bit either, to suit your personal tastes and the diet you’re following.

Can I Write a Guest Post for Your Blog?

We do accept guest posts/articles, however, we strive to ensure our members get only evidence-based information that has no agenda. We cover many different diet-types and have a very open philosophy – as long as we are promoting healthy eating.

  • If you are trying to promote a single way of eating as superior to the rest, we will not post or share the article.
  • If you offer content based on new findings in the nutritional industry, please make sure you provide a link to the source.
  • We allow one backlink placed within the content. Please make sure the link is integrated with the content and fits in with the flow of the article.
  • We expect content to be a minimum of 800 words!

How Do I Unsubscribe From the Newsletter?

Please scroll to the bottom of the newsletter and click on the ‘unsubscribe’ link.

You will be redirected to a page which specifies that you are now unsubscribed.