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As a health coach, I hear many “stories”. I speak to over 70-80 clients a week.  There is not a situation I have not heard or have personally experienced.   Everything from financial pressures, to health problems, relationship issues, conflicts with family and friends, work stress, elderly parent matters. But, also happy stories; weddings, birthdays, parties, holidays!  And, of course, all of the excuses people make when faced with these dilemmas! 
One of the most common reasons for failure on any diet is the disconnect between the head and the heart! I have found when my clients get in these places they
choose to “eat for comfort” or “drink” their emotions! Happy and sad. Then, they get so mad at themselves for making those choices that it makes them feel bad, then the self -beating starts, which leads to a snowball effect that goes downhill fast. But, it is because their heart says one thing and their head says another. 
The real question is, what is “comfort” food? I have never purchased a product called comfort food? It’s not on any shelf that I have seen? Where do these foods come from? I have said to clients “if you need to eat emotionally, why don’t you eat cucumbers or celery?” That usually gets a half-hearted chuckle. But, think about it., why don’t we go for good, healthy food when we have these emotions, especially when we are attempting to lose weight?  I believe because habits are formed from childhood.  Patterns begin. Those patterns are hard to break.  Food has been used to deal with feelings rather than to fill a true physical hunger. We have learned to “stuff” our emotions with food and alcohol, instead of dealing with the emotion directly. One of the ways I help my clients is to have them journal. Write down everything. Then, create some new patterns, new responses.  But, not with food or alcohol! 
While on a diet plan, creating foods that give you that warm, fuzzy feeling that soothes the soul is possible. You have to want to reach your goals MORE than you want that “comfort” food. But, if you want that feeling, you can do it! Be creative and step out of your comfort zone. Get in the kitchen and create new patterns and habits. Take control of your body and your life! 
What gives you comfort? 

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