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If you are anything like me, you know that going to the grocery store can be kind of intimidating when you don’t know what exactly you are looking for. Especially when you are shopping for that odd ingredient that you don’t necessarily buy often or know what it’s real purpose is. Cooking oil is definitely in that category of questionable products.

Most of us have definitely experienced the “deer in the headlights” look while standing and staring at that grocery store shelf filled with hundreds of different kinds of brands, prices and types of cooking oil. There is canola, vegetable, coconut, corn, grapeseed, olive, peanut and list goes on and on…Huh??? How in the world am I to suppose to choose? I’m not going to lie, in the past, I would get so frustrated and tired of reading labels that I would just go for whatever was on sale or for what looked “pretty”. Well now, that wasn’t a very good decision was it? Now, instead of just buying what I think is ok, I educate myself on the products I want before heading out to the grocery store. That way, there is no guessing and I don’t end up spending hard earned money on a useless and perhaps harmful product to my health. 

The most commonly purchased cooking oil is vegetable oils. So what is vegetable oil anyways? It is oil that has been extracted from a seed. Unlike our traditional fats like butter, lard and olive oil, vegetable oils are new and have only been around since the early 1900s. These oils are very unnatural and chemically processed. Like most processed foods, they were created to be cheap and appealing to customers. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! And what do we do? We encourage this type of behavior by buying these harmful products from major food companies.

It is no secret that since the industrial ages have grown, so has heart disease and cancer cases. I just don’t get it. People all over the place are replacing a natural product by a synthetic one. Vegetable oils are just plain bad! You might be asking yourself: Why? I don’t blame you. The food companies put so much effort in leading us to believe that these products are healthy by printing: “heart healthy”, “a good source of Omega 3” and “monosaturated fat” right on the product for all to see. What the label doesn’t say is that these products are full of polyunsaturated fats. This type of fat is very unstable and oxidizes easily in the body. Oh and not mention that it causes inflammation and has been linked to heart disease and cancer. Ouch! The label also doesn’t mention that their product contains omega 6, which also oxidizes easily in the body. Most of see Omega 3 fatty acids on a product and automatically think that it is a healthy product. What is not properly explained is that it is the combination of omega 3 and omega 6 that makes our bodies happy and healthy. When there is an imbalance of these two elements, it can be very harmful! Interesting… Now, if that is not enough to get you to ditch these oils, take a look at the other main ingredients: additives, pesticides and various chemicals. Yum! There are so many other options. Do yourself a favor and just through them out.

So, before your net trip to the grocery store, I hope you do your research! And, if you are not into that sort of thing or get overwhelmed by all the different articles, medical journals and opinions, just think of the olden days before the industrialized societies took over. 

Remember your health is important, don’t be cheap. Your body will thank you later.

What type of oils do you use in the kitchen?

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