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I don’t think I mentioned it, but I am the mother of three beautiful daughters! They are now, 23, 21 and 18.  We have also been blessed with a four year old grandson! 
The reason I mention the girls, is because as a young mother I was so concerned that I had given them my “fat gene”. I chose to nurse each of them for over 15 months and made their baby food from scratch, way before the invention of “baby magic bullets” and other food prepping gadgets. I did it the “old fashioned way”, I cooked the food and then pureed it myself. I would put the food in ice cube trays and freeze them for individual uses. 
Meanwhile, my friends were serving “sugary snacks” and drinking wine (the mom’s that is), which seemed so unfair, as I was the Plus Size mom while they were the Skinny moms! This was very hard for me to swallow. 
One of the controversial subjects that we would talk about was microwave cooking.  I chose not to use that type of radiation to cook my food, and was sort of freaked out about the plastics that the food was being cooked in. I know there are many resources that dispel these fears however, it’s my opinion that this type of “quick cooking” might not really be good for us with daily use. 
So, when our girls were young and the microwave broke I refused to buy a new one. 
They thought we were crazy! “Who doesn’t have a microwave?” they protested! We went 8 months without one! We finally decided on a Convection/ Oven/ Microwave combo unit.  The best of both worlds; I only use the convection oven… A personal choice. And, I always remove the plastic bag that food comes in if I am going to quick cook.  Over all, as a busy working mother, I still believe in the art of cooking real, and whole foods. It really does not take as long as we think it does to cook good and healthy meals for our families.

What are your opinions on microwave cooking?  

Do you have some meals you can make in 10-15 minutes? 

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