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The challenges of weight loss

You don’t have to tell me that losing weight, and keeping it off can be hard, but I have also learned that being overweight and unhealthy is just as hard if not harder. So, you have a choice to decide what you want for your life.

It is true that about 80% of people who lose weight will gain it back, and sometimes will end up even bigger than before. Unfortunately, that can happen all in the same year. That is a big statistic, and scary, too. Although, understanding why weight loss can be so difficult can help you forge a new path to stick to your goals, and increase your chances of success.

Here are some lessons I have learned:

  • Gimmicks don’t work Believe me, I have tried many “diets” in my life. There is no magic pill, lotion or potion that will work. You have to get to the deep fat pockets, and that happens directly from the fats and carbs you put in your mouth. Also, controlling the release of the hormone insulin, which is the hormone that helps store fat.
  • You can’t out exercise bad eating. Many people believe that they can eat what they want if they just exercise. Exercise by itself does not help you lose the visceral fat. You must lose that fat from the foods you eat. It is more about the quality of the calories you eat, not just the number of calories. Exercise is a good stabilizer, but you must change what you are eating if you need to lose fat.
  • Understand your food triggers. It is crazy to bring home food you love, put it in the cabinet or the refrigerator and tell yourself, “I won’t eat this, I’m just going to have it here for others.” Really Usually, in a time of weakness you know right where you are going, and that will start your self- sabotage behavior again. DON’T BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. Down the road, go out once or twice a week for your favorite foods, but don’t bring them home.
  • Don’t compare yourself to your spouse. Losing weight is hard enough, but if you compare yourself to your male counterpart, you will end up mad and disappointed and that might make you overeat. Males are always going to lose more than us gals due to their higher testosterone count and more muscle mass. They are not designed to carry the babies like we are, so don’t get upset when they lose more than you even if you are the one doing the cooking.
  • Starvation does not work in the big picture. When people want to lose weight, many times they just cut their calories really low. That is not always a good idea, because then the body goes into storage, or hibernation mode. The problem with this theory is that the minute you go back to eating more food, you blow right back up, and pretty fast. It is better to learn to transition off your eating plan in stages or phases, not abruptly going right back to your old ways.

Losing weight is not an easy task, keeping it off is even harder, but in the long run your sacrifices in the short term can give you long term results and good health. Remember why you are saying “no thank you, not today.”


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