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One of the most important aspects of losing weight, and keeping it off, is to listen to your body. But, for many of us, it’s not that easy. We all have habits. Most of the time these are the foods we were raised with, or have become accustomed to. There are foods that are cultural. Foods for happy, sad, comfort, holidays etc.. Do you “hear” your body after you eat these foods? 
The next time you eat, really pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Do you feel energized? Lethargic? Bloated? Gassy? Grumpy? Pay attention to how certain foods and food groups make you feel. If a given food makes you feel terrible, stop eating it (or at least eat it less often). If a food makes you feel energized and nurtured, eat it on a regular basis. Easy-peasy. 
The way that we teach to do this effectively is to un-balance your body temporarily. Remove certain major food groups, then slowly put them back in, one group at a time. Write down how you feel after you eat. This will really help you identify your food triggers. Then the job you have is to decide whether those trigger foods are worth the bad feeling. Sometimes, they might be. But, I find that I stay away from those trigger foods more often than not.  As a result, I eat more of the things that have a positive impact and minimize those that don’t. The end result has been much greater vibrancy and over-all-health than what I experienced prior to listening to my body.
Once you figure out what foods make you feel good and the ones that don’t it is not hard to find a ‘live it’ plan. Instead of a ‘diet’ plan, just live with the foods you like and your body likes. The body will tell you, if you will listen. Like many things in life, patience may be required, but a process of trial, error, and a little self-compassion is the best path back to a healthier relationship with your body. The more you listen, the more feedback your body will provide.


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