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We all know that losing weight can be a rough journey. It is especially hard if you are the only one on that road. I know when I was growing up I was the only one in my family who had to worry about weight. 
Sometimes I felt like I was on an island all by myself. It can be discouraging when you are the one making all of the special requests, bringing your own food to parties, or even skipping events on purpose. Studies have shown that if you surround yourself with a good support network it may actually increase your weight loss and long- term success. Having a diet buddy or group can make a huge difference. 
If you opt for a buddy system you will be with like-minded people who all want to lose weight. As a health coach, I have found that when I have clients dieting with others they stay more focused, more motivated, and stay on track better.  There is a big accountability factor, as well as encouragement to stick out the hard days. It is often a situation where one ore more of the group won’t cheat because they don’t want to disappoint the team. 
The way our world is today with the “smart phones” and social media, many clients are able to keep in daily contact with their buddies, and that really helps them to stay on their mission. Once the weight starts coming off, and they start looking good, they want to stay looking good. And, having to check in with the buddy or the group, keeps you honest. 
What makes a good diet buddy? I have a big group right now who communicate daily on a group message. Some of the participants are more active in their postings of videos of the day, or pictures of food they have made, but at the end of the day, it’s being able to tell you what you don’t want to hear! A good diet buddy would share a common goal of losing weight and feeling better, support your common goal, and not be afraid to tell you how it is. 
In my clinic, dieters meet with a coach each week. So, even if my dieters are doing the journey without a partner, I become a partner and they don’t want to disappoint me. That is good. But, one step further, when I have a husband-wife team or a small group of people on protocol, I find that the group can make a big impact on the success of each person. It is very powerful. 
Sharing tips, tricks and recipes is also a benefit of being in a group or having a partner.  If you are having trouble sticking to your plan, I highly recommend a health coach, and maybe getting yourself a diet buddy or support group. 


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