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By Lisa Shaker-Knopp (

I have met with so many clients over the years that will start to fail on their plan, and don’t know why. As we begin to speak, I listen and hear the rebellion in their voice, and I hear the pain and anguish associated with it.

Do you find that sometimes you grab food, even though you are not hungry, because you are angry at someone or about something? Maybe because you are upset over a situation and don’t feel like you can change it? You feel powerless over life situations that you can’t control?

You feel like you NEED something to eat or drink because you feel like it calms you down in that moment! But, then it doesn’t really do that, at least not for long. Then you are mad and angry at yourself for not staying true to your health and weight goals. This usually leads to shame and self loathing, which then leads to binge eating.

Do you sometimes just feel defiant? Like when you are around family, at work, or alone and trying to eat healthy, but then something triggers you to just say “forget it,” It’s “too hard,” “I don’t want to work that hard to lose this weight,” “why can’t I eat what everyone else is?” Remind yourself that the only person you are hurting is yourself.

When you are feeling rebellious, just get up from the table, leave the room, or put away the temptations. Remember that the weight loss journey is temporary, and the sooner you lose the unwanted pounds, you will return to a less sacrificial form of eating.

Refrain from saying negative thoughts to yourself, such as “I should eat this, but I want that.” Tell yourself you will have that, just not today. Try not to eat when you are angry or upset. Redirect your negative energy into something positive such as yoga, mediation, art work, or exercise.

You can and will reach your goals much sooner, if you let go of that rebellious child inside. Own where you are, face it head on and finish your journey.

What makes you feel rebellious?

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