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“But, I don’t understand why I didn’t lose weight this week?” Or, “ I swear, I did not cheat!” I hear comments like these and similar ones over and over again. When we go through the clients’ food journal, at first glance, it does not make sense to me either. But upon further investigation I start asking many questions. Did they measure their vegetables, oil, sea salt, and protein? Did they skip meals or go too long without eating? Did they use some over the counter medications, like cough drops, or syrup? Was it something that was hidden in a spice or a dip?  Did they read the labels on the seasonings they used? How many non-nutritive sweeteners did they use that week? Did they cook onions? Did they use red wine or balsamic vinegar? Did they drink alcohol? 
It is hard to comprehend how all of the small choices can make such a big difference in the course of a week of weight loss. But, if you total up all of those B.L.T.S it will make sense to you why the scale might stall a little. What are B.L.T.S?  Bites, Licks, Tastes, and Sips! I say a bite of this, a lick of that, a taste of this and a sip of that! Over and over again, everyday, they all add up. And at the end of each week can make a huge difference in the amount of fat your body will release. 
If you can understand the philosophy that fat loss is not just about the scale weight, or the calories you take in versus the calories you expend, this concept will make more sense to you. Understanding that fat loss has so much to do with the composition of the calories you consume, more than just the calories themselves; especially if those calories are from sugar. Sugar is the culprit. Did you know there are four carbohydrates in one teaspoon of sugar?  For example, say you ‘accidentally’ have B.L.T’S that add up to 80 extra carbohydrates, which would be TWENTY teaspoons of sugar your body has to process before it can even think about burning your stored fat! Do you see how this might inhibit your weekly losses?? 
When your health coach says pay attention to the details, this is what they mean. Watch every morsel of food and drinks that enters your mouth, even if it seems small. Will you have to always be so particular? NO, just while you are on your journey to lose your unwanted, deep fat. Some of these small details won’t make a difference in your maintenance, but could derail you while you are trying to burn the fat you have already stored. 

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