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Trying to find dinner recipes that make everybody happy is a task in itself. Then you have to cook them!

Let us try to help you here. We can offer insight into what it takes to, not only prepare a meal that satisfies every member of the family, but is also considered healthy and nutritious!

Dinner is the Biggest Meal of the Day

Many people go through their day picking at food. Snacks make up the majority of their meals until they get home. Usually these snacks are neither healthy nor nutritious!

Days filled with salted nuts, dried fruit, chips, crackers and yes, even candy sometimes makes an appearance. This is a sure-fire way to fill your body with excess energy. And we should all know that excess energy is the precursor to fat-gain.

Once your day is winding down and the evening approaches, you start preparing your dinner. Whether it’s only you or it’s a big family you’re trying to feed, most dinner recipes are considered too complicated to do or they take too much time to prepare. So, we reach for jars of sauce or pre-cooked meats to unload some of the work involved.

Then the dinner will consist of around 40-60% of your total calories for the day.

We promise that once you start cooking dinner recipes that are focused on health and put a little time aside to prepare a meal from scratch, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If you cook enough, you can even use the leftovers to make sure everybody in the house is eating healthy during the day too!


Getting the Family in Agreement

If you don’t have to cook for your family then you can scroll past this section.

Sometimes, different family members will ask for different types of dishes. Getting everybody on the same page can be difficult!

But if you were to prepare a meal so delicious that nobody will be asking for anything else, you would give it a shot – right?

When you scroll down, you’ll see lots of our most popular dinner recipes. They all feature a source of protein, vegetables and healthy fat. Each meal offers enough energy to curb your hunger without eating excessively. You’ll be able to satisfy your family’s taste buds and give them a healthy burst of nutrition.


Delicious Dinner Recipes Found Here:


Need a Warm Dinner on a Cold Evening?

Sometimes we need comfort from food. Sometimes we want that comfort in the form of heat!


Low-Carb Pho Soup

This recipe gives you a incredibly fragrant pho soup that will warm you up and give you a healthy dose of protein and iron. The flavor from the anise, cinnamon and ginger will leave you counting down the days until you have it again!

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Slow Cooker No-Bean Chili

A perfectly seasoned chili can be the ultimate answer to a chilly evening!

Featuring extra-lean ground sirloin, this dinner recipe offers a healthy amount of iron and vitamin A. Without the beans there’s less carbs, so you can feel great and not worry about adding to your waistline.

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Looking for a Tasty Summer Salad?

On a warm summer’s day, we may not be interested in a large hot meal. A salad, on the other hand, can keep us happy and healthy.


Avocado Egg Salad

Egg isn’t always enough. Throwing some avocado into your egg salad will give you a great way to add healthy fat and useful vitamins to your meal.

The little kick of lime juice and fresh dill will make this a tasty treat on any evening!

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Summer Salad Rolls

These are a huge hit among our team of food fanatics. Both refreshing and filling, these salad rolls will have you salivating and craving more!

They are great for entertaining guests and very easy to make.

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Sesame Chicken Salad

It may seem fairly standard but this meal is great for individuals who are looking for gluten-free salads. The mix of sesame, ginger and hot sauce gives this dinner recipe a tasty little kick!

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The Kids Don’t Like Vegetables?

Getting children to eat vegetables has been a challenge for many parents for many generations. These dinner recipes will offer you a great solution.


Hidden Veggie Meatballs

What makes this recipe a real winner is the combination of flavors. In fact, your new challenge will be making enough for everybody to have seconds!

The ground sirloin makes these meatballs very lean and the zucchini will keep the meatballs tender and juicy.

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Egg Roll In a Bowl

It’s hard not to eat the vegetables when they’re mixed in with the main ingredient!

The ground turkey offers up a healthy serving of protein while the cabbage, mushrooms and green onions offer a variety of nutrients.

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Five-Layer Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna has been a family favorite since ancient Romans first made it popular in Italy. Our recipe can be ready in 40 minutes and it will even satisfy any vegetarians that sit around your dining table!

The vegetables found in this dish are mushrooms, eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini and kale. We’ve also added some onion and garlic to expand the flavor.

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Low-Carb Veggie Pizza

Pizza is often popular with children. So, what better way to have them eat their veggies than put them all on a delicious pizza?

You can use many different vegetables but our recipe includes bell peppers, broccoli, tomato and cauliflower.

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