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Mealtime Doesn’t Have to Be
Overwhelming On a Low Body Fat Diet

Making a lifestyle change, like
starting a low body fat diet, can
seem overwhelming. For some, this means not only breaking bad habits, but
discovering new recipes and cooking techniques, while trying new foods as well.
It’s especially daunting for some to give up the foods that have become staples
of every meal, especially for their convenience. Toast and cereals are often
thought of as the only viable breakfast options, sandwiches are found in lunch
bags everywhere, and rice and pasta grace the dinner tables of far too many

The truth is, preparing healthy
meals doesn’t have to be overwhelming or inconvenient. There are several ways
to incorporate delicious low carb meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Here
are some tips and meal ideas to make your transition to healthier living an
easy one.

Breakfast is Eggcellent

Breakfast is the most important
meal of the day, and far too many people skip it altogether or choose
sugar-laden pastries to fuel them through the day. Don’t make this mistake! Eggs
are the star ingredient in many delicious
low-carb meals, especially for breakfast! The great thing about eggs is
that they are so versatile. Whether you want to whip up an omelette or frittata filled with
vegetables, or you prefer your eggs scrambled, poached, or hard boiled, they
are always healthy, delicious, and compatible with your low body fat diet.

The Low-Down on Lunches

When it comes to lunch, most
people automatically think of sandwiches or wraps, but there are so many other delicious low-carb meals that don’t make
their way into lunch boxes nearly often enough. Salads are a great, low-carb
lunch option that can easily be customized with whatever veggies and protein
you prefer. Homemade
salad dressings are also a great, healthy way to add some flavour to your

If you aren’t a fan of salads, leftovers
also make for easy and convenient lunches. If you’re preparing a delicious,
healthy dinner, make extras for lunch the next day. If you start to miss your
daily sandwich, lettuce leaves make a great substitute for bread, buns, and

Winner, Winner, Low-Carb Dinner!

Eating to support a low body fat diet doesn’t have to mean
giving up your favourite foods, it just means making some easy—and delicious—substitutions.
If you’re craving pizza,
a mixture of cauliflower rice, egg, and oregano makes for a healthy, low-carb
crust. If spaghetti
and meatballs is your favourite meal, zucchini noodles are a tasty, nutrient-packed
alternative to pasta. A stir fry is also an
easy, delicious meal that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

With so many delicious low-carb meals to choose from, your low body fat diet is sure to be a success!

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