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So you are well on
your way to achieving your weight-loss goals. Feels good, right? Remember, your
journey is about total health. Those changes you are implementing in your life,
they`ve got to be PERMANENT. Not just for “dieting” purposes. You might get
into a size 8, or have a six-pack to show off, but that doesn`t mean you can
cheat, get lazy, or stop making sound, good choices.

Keep in mind, all
this work — mental and physical — is helping you look at your life in new ways,
with deeper insight and understanding. The bottom line is this: You can never
go back to your old way of life if you want to maintain your new physique and
restored energy. You`re on the wagon right now. As with any kind of recovery,
just because you are rehabilitated doesn`t mean you don`t have to be vigilant
to guard against a relapse.

All that
soul-searching and honest examination has to continue. All those behavior
modifications and healthy, life-affirming habits you learned have to stay in
place every day for the rest of your life.

I know and it is
hard to stay the course.  It seems easier
to throw the towel in and go back to your ‘effortless’ ways. The good news is
that it will get more manageable.  You`ll
get accustomed to how awesome it feels to treat yourself well, not to mention
how pleasant you will feel every time you look in the mirror or catch your
reflection in a store window! Eventually, behaviors and choices you`ve had to
think through will become gut instinct. Your new ‘normal’, I call it. It will
just be what you do, how you shop, what you order!

You can do
this. Remember, you`re doing it right now.

What habit is the
hardest for you to change? 

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