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Uhm… Are you going to eat that? This was a very common phrase I use to say…
Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am a former carboholic! I am not afraid to admit it and nor am I ashamed to say it! 
Pastas, breads, pastries, chips, you name it, all carbs called my name. I had lost control…
I never had to battle my weight. This was never an issue for me. I was happy with my appearance and never thought twice about the food I was fueling my body with. As a young adult, I felt I could eat what I wanted, when I wanted and never gain an inch. It was great! Until about two years ago… With the stress of an ever-growing career, bad relationships one after the next, money troubles and family issues, I had started packing on the pounds and fast… Within only a year, I had gained over 40lbs! Woah! The worst part about it was that I hadn’t even realized that I was gaining weight until it was too late. I was too busy with life’s dilemmas to pay attention. But then, my clothes no longer fit, people started telling me that I looked different and my family flat out told me that I looked chunky! I was so upset and I immediately tried to blame it on anything I could think of. Am I pregnant? Am I too stressed? Is it work? Whose fault is it? I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. I put the blame on everyone but myself. But nothing changed… I was still rocking the bubble butt… Was it my own fault? Blaming others was not going to make things better! Thankfully, I finally came to my senses and realized that it was nobody’s fault but my own. It was time for an intervention! It took courage and strength but I decided to look in the mirror, take all the negative comments I had been receiving and turned them into motivation! 

After taking a step back and looking at my life, I realized that the culprit was my diet! A no brainer for some but obviously I did not want to see that at the time. All I was eating was carbs! I turned myself into a complete wheat belly! Muffins for breakfast, leftover spaghetti for lunch, lasagna for dinner and sometimes dessert to finish it off. Yikes! How in the world did I not see all the crap I was eating? And the take-out! Holy moly! Oh boy, did I ever love my take-out! It was to the point that I could have take-out 3 to 4 times a week. It hit me… I AM I TOTAL CARBY! This was the first step in my journey: Admitting I had a problem. The next: What I was going to do about it…
Like I said, I never had to worry about my weight but I also never ate so much garbage in my life! No wonder why I gained so much weight! It wasn’t work, it wasn’t my bad relationships, my money troubles or my family issues, IT WAS MY OWN FAULT! Nobody forced me to eat the things I ate… I chose to stuff myself! ME! 
This was not the life I wanted to live. I decided to change! I did not want to be a carboholic! I wanted to be fit and healthy! 
I am not going to sugar coat it… It was kind of scary at first.  Giving up the all the goodness of carbs was not easy and it did take time but when I finally realized how much better I felt after changing my diet it was not so bad. I liked it actually. All carbs had to offer me was a fast pass to old age, a lower immune system, diseases and a fat body! No thanks, I’m good! I became so positive and I had gained so much energy! I loved how I felt and I wanted everyone around me to feel the same way! I started reading up on various health topics and I suddenly developed such an interest and such a passion on the subject and, I was getting good at it too! Turns out carbs are sugar, and sugar is bad for you! Duh! Wish someone had told me that before…! If only I knew then what I know now… 
This phase of my life was not exactly one that I am proud of. However, it did get me to where I am today! And, I could not be any happier. Instead of beating myself up for letting my body go, I decided to learn from my mistakes and do something about it! No use in crying over spilt milk! Who would of thought that this problem of mine would have turned into a total life changing experience. Literally! Now, my mission in life is to teach others about the importance of a healthier lifestyle! 
Addictions are not easy to beat, but it is possible. The body achieves what the mind believes and you are capable of doing anything that you set your mind to. You just have to want it bad enough!

Are you a carboholic? What`s Your Story?

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