5 Ways to Complete Your Plant Protein

Do vegans get enough protein? It’s a widely-held belief that vegans don’t get enough protein in their diet. In fact, it’s so common that it’s one of the most-asked questions about veganism, and easily one of the biggest concerns people have when they’re considering going vegan. It might surprise you to learn that vegans can […]

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Mistakes People Make Going Vegan

The Vegan Diet vs. The Plant-Based Diet: Differences, Similarities, and Misconceptions More and more people are becoming aware of the food they eat, and the impact of those foods on their body. While some people turn to trendy diets to achieve a particular weight goal, many people turn their lifestyle around entirely to live a […]

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How to Get Started With Your Vegan Diet

If you’re on a path towards increasing your health, you’ve probably been brushed up against the idea that eating more veggies is going to help.  Maybe you even know some vegetarians or vegans that seem pretty healthy. Perhaps this has peeked your interest. Perhaps you want to eat a more plant-based diet but you just […]

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Starch or Non-Starch: That is the Question

Understanding the Differences We’re going to let you in on a little secret: All vegetables are carbohydrate-based. That’s right: all vegetables include, in some way, shape, or form, carbs. You might be thinking that this is a bit of strange revelation for a site called “Low Fat Low Carb” to make. Bear with us for a […]

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