7 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Definitely Take This Year

Healthy eating is definitely something you should be doing year round. But, January seems to be a time where people are focusing even more on what they put in their bodies. Actually, the number one resolution is, as you may have guessed, weight loss.   Making a New Year’s Resolution can actually be a positive […]

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Stick To Your Diet This Holiday Season

Enjoy Holiday Foods Without the Guilt The holidays are right around the corner, a time to gather with family and friends and enjoy the season in good company and good cheer. Sugar cookies, fruitcake, and all sorts of other goodies are common and readily available, not to mention the lavish Christmas dinner and all sorts […]

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5 Ways to Find Your Perfect Diet

We hear a lot about fat, carbs, and proteins.  Low fat or high fat? Low carb or vegetarian? High protein for weight loss?  There is so much confusing information that it’s tough to figure out what’s best for you. At Low Fat Low Carb, we don’t recommend following any diet.  We do, however, recommend that […]

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Getting Your Kids to Eat Healthy!

My Child Won’t Eat Anything! I think every parent has gone through a phase with their kids where they just refuse to eat something.  It could be because they don’t like the color of the plate or they won’t eat food that’s all mixed together, like a stew.  Sometimes, it comes completely out of the […]

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