The Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

How Drinking Coffee May Do More Good for You Than Just Waking You Up in the Morning For those who need their caffeine fix every morning, you might be helping your body out in more ways than one. Coffee not only helps you wake up every day and be a productive member of society, but […]

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How to Stick to Your Diet Plan While Travelling This Summer

Tips to Stay Healthy While on Vacation Summer is finally on its way and with it comes sunshine, barbecues, and vacation. These things can sometimes make it difficult to stick to your diet plan. Travelling, especially, can pose a few obstacles for eating healthy; not only can it disrupt your eating and exercise schedule, it […]

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You Can, If You Want!

How I Stayed On Protocol In The Midst of Chaos Like many of you reading this, I have struggled with my weight most all my life. I have tried, and failed, at many “diets”. I always lost weight, but then it would find its way back to me! I never understood how my body works […]

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Do You Know Your “Macros”?

While I am coaching clients, one of my jobs is to teach them about food. What is a protein, what is a fat, what is a carbohydrate? It is amazing how many folks don’t know. Or they think they know, but they don’t. It is important to know the difference, so you know what you […]

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