Things That Slow Your Weight-Loss Efforts

As a health coach in the trenches daily, I have found many small details that will slow the scale way down! It gets frustrating for clients to work very hard and not see the ‘needle’ move on the scale. They will scratch their heads, wondering why their body is being so stubborn. Sometimes it is […]

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Get More Mahi-Mahi Recipes In Your Diet

Mahi-Mahi Recipes For High-Protein & Low-Fat Meals Mahi-Mahi (also known as dolphinfish, though thankfully not related to the dolphin) is a seafood option you’ve likely seen on more than a few menus. Mahi-mahi recipes are an increasingly popular choice for restaurants because the meat is firm, flavorful, and easy to cook. Coincidently, it’s also high […]

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Try A Low-Fat Low-Sugar Diet For Better Health

Low-Fat, Low-Sugar Diets For A Healthier, Happier Lifestyle We’ve all heard of studies that tell us foods that are high in fat have been linked to obesity and heart disease. The spotlight on fatty foods has left another food culprit in the shadows until recently: refined sugar. Diets high in refined sugar are just as […]

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Reducing Your Cholesterol? We Can Help!

A low fat, low cholesterol diet is believed to be an effective way to limit the consumption of harmful fatty acids, with several benefits ranging from lower obesity risk, increased heart health, and relief of a range of other detrimental symptoms. Click here to learn more!

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