5 Ways to Boost Your Salads

You like to eat salad.  In fact, it helps boost your energy in the afternoon.  But, you’re getting kind of bored. Same old lunch, day in and day out.  What can you do? Change up your salad dressings! There are so many easy ways that you can enjoy a salad without having to pull out […]

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What Can We Learn From Japanese Food Culture?

On average, nobody lives longer than Japanese people.  Japanese women have a life expectancy of 89 years, 8 years longer than an American woman.  What’s their secret? Read on to find out what we can learn from the Japanese culture. Why should we pay attention to the average Japanese diet? Japan is one of the […]

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5 Ways to Enjoy Dark Leafy Greens!

Dark leafy what?  Greens! Whether you’ve started walking to work or composting your left-overs, it’s important to live mindfully and strive to improve your life.  Your diet merits the same attention. Saturated in an alphabet of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, leafy greens are the superstars of the supermarket produce section.  In fact, studies show that […]

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5 Ways To Eat More Veggies!

If you’re conscious about your health, you know that you need to eat more veggies.  Veggies for breakfast, veggies for snack, veggies instead of bread…. Everywhere you look, nutritionists are recommending that you boost your vegetable intake for optimal health. So how do you add more veggies to your diet? 1 – EAT MORE SALAD […]

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