The Importance of Pairing Your Food!

What is food combining? Food combining, also known as food pairing or food synergy, is an approach to eating that may optimize digestion. It is believed that eating different foods together may either enhance or disturb digestion and therefore absorption of nutrients. You might be wondering why you haven’t heard about food combining principles. Made […]

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The “Perfect” Diet!

What is the perfect diet? When you key in “what is the perfect diet” in a Google search, you get (in less than one second) 2.5 million suggestions. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was just one easy response?  Rather than 2.5 million ideas? It would make your life much simpler.  You wouldn’t need to […]

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Think Up The Best Chicken Dinner Ideas!

You know how big of a fan LFLC is with using chicken as a protein source for easy, low-carb dinners! Are you wondering why we love it so much or what you can add to your recipes? Well, this article is for you! We included traditional chicken recipes but also some quick and easy ones. […]

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Top 4 Easy Low-Carb Recipes To Taste!

If you’ve read any newspaper, magazine or online article, you’ve seen a title like “Easy Low-Carb Recipes!” It’s become a popular way of eating, and for good reasoning as high (unhealthy) carbohydrate eating habits can lead to obesity, diabetes, poor gut health and other chronic diseases. But are you wondering how you can eat low-carb […]

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