5 Ways to Replace Gluten!

If you walk down any aisle of the grocery store, you’ll probably see the phrase “gluten-free” on many different labels. In fact, we’ve noticed the gluten-free label on things like rice (which is, and always has been, gluten-free). What does this tell us? This tells us that marketers know the gluten-free movement is an opportunity to […]

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Fall Equinox – Create. Educate. Motivate.

CREATE September hits and the pumpkin take-over begins in every coffee shop, bakery, and grocery store. The world rushes to the nearest Starbucks to order the first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and every social media account even slightly related to food starts posting the first of many pumpkin dishes. But do you know […]

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5 Ways to Eat More Fat!

The ketogenic style of eating is still trendy and its momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing down.  In fact, 6.5 million people are searching the term “keto diet” on a monthly basis. At Low Fat Low Carb, we are passionate about supporting you no matter what diet you follow.  We aim to ensure that you’re […]

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Trying New Things – Create. Educate. Motivate.

CREATE We are approaching the start of a new season that makes us yearn for warmth, with our cups of coffee in our hands, and some warm meals. This is one of my favorite seasons because I have the chance to prepare recipes that remind me of my childhood – looking forward to the end […]

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